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August/September mid month Results are here!

Long Reining Course 1.Lisa Hickman and Elvet Peace Lily 59/60 2.Denise Baldry and Redwings Maggie 58/60 2.Ruth Muller and Chili  58/60 2.Lisa Hickman and Jula Mystical Lady 58/60 3.Kirsten Groner and Honey Bee’s Jodani 56/60 Mystery course 1.Lisa Hickman and Elvet Peace Lily 59/60 2.Lisa Hickman and Jula Mystical Lady 58/60 3.Mary Ballard and Pepping […]

News from Summer of Sport Team Stormybracken

  Kate Morton of Dorset England shares some of the fun and games to be had when you decide to enter a team in the Summer of Sport…with a dog called Bramble! Thank you so much Kate for letting us share this. ‘ Team Stormybracken put their The International Horse Agility Club league positions to […]

The Summer of Sport 2021 Results are in!!

CONGRATULATIONS TO EVERYONE WHO TOOK PART Nearly 140 entries over 11 classes. 6 Teams entered results. The biggest Class B Fun in the Sun attracted 45 entries! Team Results   1.Fun Wuns US 889 2.Ackijosa DE 884 3.The Non-Ridden Neddies GB 882 4.Shetlands R Us GB 845 5.3 Black Mustangs US 880 6.Team Stormy Bracken […]

July/August Mid Month Extra Course Results

Long Reining   1.Lisa Hickman and Jula’s Mystical Lady  59/60 2.Kirsten Groner and Honey Bee’s Jodani 58/60 3.Megan Atkinson and Party for Two 56/60   Young Horse and Donkey Course   1.Cathryn Burrows and Pendan Desray 58/60 2.Lucy Cockrem and Lottie  57/60 2.Kelsey Cuthbertson and Aurora  57/60 3.Noeline Cassettari and Cindy  56/60 4.Kristy Winckelmans and […]

June/July Extra Course Results

Here are the results for our Extra courses which have no league or life time points attached: Mystery course   1Kirsten Groner and Honey Bee’s Jodani  49/50 1Caroline Lawrence and Dublin Miley 49/50 2Lisa Hickman and Elvet Peace Lily 48/50 2Lisa Hickman and Jula Mystical Lady 48/50 3Anita Pfleger and Lilja  46/50 (send Challenge rosette) […]

The Summer of Sport…YES it’s back!

YES!! It’s Back! The Summer of Sport is in its ninth year and as popular as ever. Look out for One Hit Wonder, Wild Agility, Showjumping, Score and Score Again and more!   All courses on line from 1st July and run through July and August.   As usual we will be inviting Teams to […]

One Hit Wonder!

After a number of requests for help Vanessa Bee has written a short article about that perennial problem…how can we help an equine to pick his feet up so that he doesn’t knock a pole as he walks or backs up over it. ‘Having judged many thousands of OLHA videos I have identified the two […]

May/June Mid Month Extra Course Results

Mystery course   1Kirsten Groner and Honey Bee’s Jodani 60/60 2Anita Pfleger and Lilja  57/60 2Gill Richardson and World Horse Welfare Polo  57/60 3Elizabeth Richardson and Vidir von Schluensee  55/60 4Lucie Mitchell and Baron’s Brave Music  51/60   Long Reining Course   1Kirsten Groner and Honey Bee’s Jodani  79/80 1Lisa Hickman and Jula Mystical Lady […]

April/May Extra Courses Results Are Here!

Junior Class   1.Edward Gulliford and Henburyvale Molly 59/60 1.Dylan Upsher and Chyvounder Damask Rose  59/60 1.Nathan Steele and Luka 59/60 1.James Duncan and Pearl  59/60 2.Noel Groner and Honey Bee’s Jodani 58/60 2.Dean Duncan and Ghost  58/60 3.Molly Downing and Waverhead Ted  57/60 4.Henry Jones and Hopi  56/60 4.Abigail Hight and Pearl  56/60 4.Brady […]

The Horse Agility Non Ridden Equine Competition Results

Thank you to everyone who purchased an entry into the special Non Ridden Equine Competition organised by The Horse Agility Club to celebrate The Non Ridden Equine Weekend on 1st and 2nd May. We sold 97 entries, so raising £485.00 for the Non Ridden Equine Association.   There were 71 entries from 11 countries into […]

Horse Agility International Non Ridden Equine Weekend competition

Horse Agility International Non Ridden Equine Weekend competition To Celebrate International Non Ridden Equine Weekend of 1st and 2nd May 2021 The Horse Agility Club has teamed up with the Non Ridden Equine Association to offer a very special Horse Agility competition course. Vanessa Bee, founder of Horse Agility, has designed a course so that […]

Highland Park Memorial Award

  The Horse Agility Club is delighted to announce the winner of the prestigious Highland Park Memorial Award. Ev Nusic with Colby (Poco Dell Spark DR) of California Congratulations Ev and Colby!  Highland Park, a Morgan horse, was born on 23rd March 1994 and was the first horse ever to be registered with The Horse […]

OLHA! is 10 years old!

Online Horse Agility is a whole decade old! Wow! Where did that go?! In February 2011 The Horse Agility Club set up its very first online Horse Agility (OLHA) competition. The very first entry was from Shelley Newton-Carter of Scotland. When Vanessa Bee watched it she knew that the online video competitions were going to […]

Rosette Amnesty News

We are delighted to announce that through 2020 members of The Horse Agility Club raised a staggering £1472.50 by opting not to receive a rosette, only feedback and their points in the International leagues. This is over three times what was raised in 2019! Last year Jarjeer Mule Rescue ( and The Non Ridden Equine […]

And the 2020 League winners are……

    The 2020  League Table Winners of The International Horse Agility Club On Line Horse Agility World Champion Kim Gieseke and Mary US Reserve World Champion  Maggie Cason and Sundance US European Champion Ellen Cochrane and Inara GB North American Champion Kim Gieseke and Mary US Australasian Champion Claire Perilli and Arcadia Farm Lorenzo […]

Finding solutions not excuses! By Vanessa Bee

I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve been told something was impossible. I expect some of you reading this would say the same. You’ve been told (or maybe even told yourself!) something couldn’t be done and there are a whole bunch of reasons why. Before 1952 it was believed that running a mile […]


Results Summer Of Sport 2020   Class A Fun in the Sun 1Jennifer Bell and Pharaoh  100 1Mallory Clarke and Zephyr 100 2Kirsten Groner and Honey Bee’s Jodani 99 2Helen Kahn and Cisco  99 2Kirsten Groner and Sabine  99 2Jennifer Bell and Wee Blackie  99 2Mallory Clarke  and Winman 99 2Pernilla Magnusson and Best från […]

Watching good horsemanship is like watching paint dry!

Sadie Beech, Horse Agility Accredited Trainer, tells us why we need to check out the small stuff!! ‘FOUNDATION TRAINING SHOULD LOOK BORING. Let me expand on that… Foundation training is the very basic knowledge that you and your horse need to know to communicate well together. It is what you will base everything you teach […]

To spook or not to spook? That is the question.

by Vanessa Bee – Founder of Horse Agility and The Horse Agility Club The one thing that horses can be relied upon to add to our lives is a bit of unexpected excitement! Last year I ran a clinic for a jolly crowd of experienced horse people who just wanted to have a go at […]


Never before has our club slogan meant so much.   We are delighted to have welcomed a lot of new members over the last few weeks and had so many people still able to compete with their horses. If you can’t there’s a free horseless competition every Friday! FREE FUN FRIDAY is just that…it’s free, […]

The Highland Park Liberty Memorial Award

The Horse Agility Club is delighted to announce the winner of this prestigious award: Nancy Ingalls and Magnetic Attraction (Woody) of Prince Edward Island, Canada With a very special mention to Maggie Cason and Biggs (Biggy) of Colorado, USA  Congratulations!  Highland Park, a Morgan horse, was born on 23rd March 1994 and was the first […]

Have a go at Horse Agility

Now is a good time for all those people wanting to do something fun, different and positive with their horse, a simple Horse Agility course for you to try. Why not take a video of you and your horse completing the course? Any posted on facebook page will receive helpful feedback from Vanessa Bee founder […]

Announcing a new award to remember a very special horse.

  Do you have an equine who loves to play? Do you have a horse, pony, donkey or mule who just loves to make up the rules when he’s turned loose? Do you and your equine friend put more emphasis on partnership rather than prizes? Then this award may be coming your way!   The […]

Horse Agility and the Art of Winning

by Vanessa Bee – Founder of the Horse Agility Club   First published December 2014   As the year draws to a close and The Horse Agility Club Team begin to gather the final Championship and Special awards together my thoughts have turned to winning. Winning a competition, coming first, is an admirable achievement, but […]

It’s not about the obstacles! by Vanessa Bee

It’s not about the obstacles!   I have a privileged job, I watch over 200 videos a month of people with their horses and I love it! These videos are of Horse Agility Club members completing obstacle courses with a variety of equines, and it looks fun! I don’t have time to see a lot […]


The 2019 League Table Winners of The International Horse Agility Club On Line Horse Agility World Champion Claire Perilli Sherwoods Unique Bay Boy NZ Reserve World Champion Beth Smith Desi CA European Champion Angela Wilson Merlin GB North American Champion Beth Smith Desi CA Australasian Champion Claire Perilli Sherwoods Unique Bay Boy NZ Walking Only […]

It’s our birthday! Ten today!!

On 13th December 2009 Vanessa Bee, entrepreneur and horsewoman, wondered if there was such a thing as dog agility for horses. She was amazed to find that when she Googled the words ‘Horse Agility’ nothing came up – so she decided to do something about it. Fast forward to 2019 and there are now over […]

10 in 20…ARE YOU READY?

10 in 20Are you ready to take the challenge and win Horse Agility Jackets and limited edition flags with rosettes for all? As a celebration of ten years of The Horse Agility Club we have designed the ultimate challenge, ten obstacles in twenty days! Open to all and FREE to members of The Horse Agility [...]

COMPETITION – Horse Agility in Action

Horse Agility in Action Now for something completely different for November – Two Free to enter Photo Competitions. Get out those cameras and get snapping because this month we’re looking for great photos. Rosettes for all entries and Limited edition Horse Agility Club flag for the winner.. There are two classes. Class A The Action […]

A different view

I’m always looking for different ideas about being around horses, it’s a big reason I started The Horse Agility Club nearly ten years ago. It’s too easy to get trapped in one idea such as ‘My horse is a Dressage Horse’ or ‘I can’t ride my horse so he’s just a field ornament.’ But there […]

Summer of Sport Results are OUT!!!

    Summer of Sport 2019   Class B Showjumping   1Hannah Peters and Elliot  CA 18/20 (90%) 1Mallory Clarke Winman  CA  18/20  (90%) 2Mandy Cheek  Hopsgarden Springbreak CA 16/20 (80%) 2Ros Jones Ben GB 16/20 (80%) 3Richard Argo Phoenix  US 15/20 (75%)   Class C Doubles   1Megan Atkinson Party for Two  CA 97/100 […]

They said it would never work!

The idea that we could ‘play with horses as if the were dogs. We were getting them to jump without a rider, climb steep ramps, go through tunnels and weave at canter through slaloms while doing a flying changes – just like in Dog Agility!

Equagility: riding without a bridle

If anyone had said to me thirty years ago that I would one day be able to ride without a bridle I would have laughed – bridles are for stopping horses, aren’t they?

What is liberty and why would I want to do it?

In the horse world, liberty is when a horse and handler work together with no lead rope.It can look very impressive if done well, the horse responding to cues given by the handler and moving freely with him.

Why we don’t use whips in Horse Agility

I am well known in the horse world as having an aversion to whips. I can see no place for them around any animal.

Our Brand New Website

Mobile Optimised and New Design Dating back to 2011, our previous website was starting to show its age. When we first launched the club, the vast majority of our members used their desktop computers to access our website, now the opposite is true and mobile phones and tablets are now the preferred method. Our new […]