Extra Course Results!



Junior Level


1.Addyson Wurges and Sugar  50/50

2.Cassidy Copenhaver and Pearl  49/50

2.Mackenzie Merkel and Pecan 49/50

2.Emma Marcou and Pearl 49/50

2.Mackenzie Merkel and Angel 49/50

2.Abigail Corrow and Sugar  49/50

2.Randi Herrera and Angel 49/50

2.Sophia Chambliss and Nutmeg 49/50

3.Elouise Hemenway and Bianca 48/50

3.Elouise Hemenway and Angel 48/50

3.Abigail Corrow and Cheerios  48/50

4.Zoe Schweyer and Arana 47/50

4.Skye Peto and Robbie  47/50

5.Isobel Peto and Kallie 46/50

6.Amy Tilt and Rangeview Lolita  44/50


Any other Animal Agility


1.Anna and Spring (Guinea Pig) 59/60

2.Mary Ballard and Jazzy (Dog) 58/60

2.Ineke Keough and Lulu (Dog) 58/60

3.Sarah Currie and Lola  (Pig)  56/60

3.Sarah Currie and Brenda (Pig)  56/60

4.Olivia Reid and Gus (Sheep)  55/60

4.Zoe Schweyer and Layla  (Rat) 55/60

4.Noeline Cassettari and Hooray (Cow) 55/60

5.Noeline Cassettari and Saxon (Steer) 50/60


Mystery Course


1.Mary Ballard and Pepping Playboy 50/50

1.Lisa Hickman and Elvet Peace Lily 50/50

1.Lisa Hickman and  Jula Mystical Lady  50/50

1.Kirsten Groner and Honey Bee’s Jodani 50/50

2.Ida Norris and Lilith T.L 49/50

3.Kirsten Groner and Sabine 48/50

3.Lucie Mitchell and Baron’s Brave Music 48/50

4.Sarah Jones and Pilleybailey Patronus 47/50

4.Linda Reed and Darshill Groot 47/50

4.Alison Lawrence and Juniper 47/50

4.Gill Richardson and WHW Polo 47/50

5.Sarah Currie and Jasper 44/50

5.Linda Jewell and Goldenrina Gem 44/50


Long Reining


1.Kirsten Groner and Honey Bee’s Jodani 50/50

1.Lisa Hickman and Elvet Peace Lily 50/50

1.Lisa Hickman and Jula Mystical Lady 50/50

1.Rebecca Mogielski and WHW Codigo  50/50

2.Debra Jacques and Ruby 49/50

2.Linda Jewell and Goldenrina Gem 49/50

3.Bev Foster and Sherwood Simply Jack 48/50

3.Linda Reed and Tawbitts Victor 48/50

4.Mara Ashby and Prince of Hearts  47/50

4.Claire Williams and Midnight Star  47/50

5.Juliet Tomlinson and Hobart Sinatra 46/50

6.Claire Williams and Guinness 45/50

7.Juliet Tomlinson and Selva  43/50


Young Horses


1.Lucy Steele and Fleur  37/50