Extra Course Results June

A huge well done to all our juniors this month! WOW what amazing scores from EVERYONE! A small Young Horse class this month, as some of our youngsters have graduated into the main leagues, but what a lovely couple of entries! Banner photo is Oak! Because I really could not resist using this photo!




1.Calla Berry and Maple  50/50

1.Radha Foulds and Misty  50/50

1.Radha Foulds and Minstrel  50/50

1.Isabelle Coutable and Juniper  50/50

1.Eric Graf and Max  50/50

1.Gillie Belk and Mr. Oreo   50/50

2.Molly Mahatzke and Enigmatic Equinox (Shadow)   49/50

2.Sven Graf and Phoenix   49/50

2.Eric Graf and Josy  49/50

2.Eira Bate and Sweep  49/50

2.Brynley Taylor and Sky  49/50

2.Dawson Taylor and Sky  49/50

2.Hannah Weikum and Sky  49/50

2.Sophia Hutchinson and Sirhowy Sirvan  49/50

3.Bannor McEwen and Solstice  48/50

4.Anna Koenig and Greyman  47/50


Young Horse

1.Cheryl Van Herk and Miles  48/50

2.Catherine Tuke and Balvattie Oak  45/50