League Tables


The Online Horse Agility (OLHA!) Video League - Top 100

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Pos. Country Member Name Horse Name (Current Level) Total Points
1USProfile PhotoKim GiesekeMary (Advanced1S)204
2USProfile PhotoMaggie CasonSundance (Dancer) (Advanced1S)160
3GBProfile PhotoAngela WilsonMerlin (Advanced1S)145
4USProfile PhotoAddison BarnesSensational (Sensei) (Advanced1S)145
5NZProfile PhotoClaire PerilliSherwoods Unique Bay Boy (Vin) (Advanced1S)144
6CAProfile PhotoNancy IngallsMagnetic Attraction (Woody) (Advanced1S)123
7AUProfile PhotoAmy RogersAmbashir Ibn Sundance (Sunny) (Advanced1S)120
8USProfile PhotoMaggie CasonMaximillion Moon Pie (Max) (Advanced1S)115
9USProfile PhotoMaggie CasonCurly Joe Starr (Curly Joe) (Advanced1S)110
10USProfile PhotoFiona O`ReillySapphire (Advanced)108
11NZProfile PhotoClaire PerilliArcadia Farm Lorenzo (Enzo) (Advanced1S)108
12GBProfile PhotoNick McKayGott Probate (Proby) (Advanced1S)102
13GBProfile PhotoEllen CochraneInara (Advanced1S)100
14USProfile PhotoMaggie CasonBiggs (Advanced1S)100
15USProfile PhotoLaura StokkingSpyder (Spydie) (Advanced1S)95
16USProfile PhotoJadalynn FrazierSparta (Advanced)84
17USProfile PhotoMaggie CasonRamblin Little Doc (Advanced1S)65
18GBProfile PhotoBeverley AdamsBlue Cross Florence Freya (Florence) (Advanced)64
19NLProfile PhotoAnanja StehouwerSwa (Medium)63
20USProfile PhotoJames BradfordNerina (Advanced1S)63
21USProfile PhotoCamryn MulkeyJewel (Medium)60
22USProfile PhotoElizabeth ReynoldsCiscos Dirty Blonde (Daisy) (First)56
23ESProfile PhotoMarga ZabalaÍtaca (Medium)48
24USProfile PhotoKim GiesekeRaven (Advanced)48
25GBProfile PhotoBeverley AdamsBlue Cross Hollie Hopes (Hollie) (Advanced)48
26GBProfile PhotoKate MortonJD II (JD) (Medium)44
27GBProfile PhotoKaren PotterPrairie Dawn Rose (Rosie) (First)40
28USProfile PhotoMaddie DudleyRain (Medium)39
29ATProfile PhotoBarbara ListKiano (Advanced)36
30CLProfile PhotoLionel SariegoMelón (Advanced)36
31GBProfile PhotoEllen CochraneMisty (Medium)36
32GBProfile PhotoDorothy SmithBullseye (Bumper) (Medium)36
33CAProfile PhotoDonna VargaMatilda (Advanced)36
34USProfile PhotoKim GiesekeSensei (Medium)36
35USProfile PhotoEv NusicPoco Dell Spark DR (Colby) (First)35
36USProfile PhotoElizabeth ReynoldsMind Yourown Biznes (Shayna) (First)34
37GBProfile PhotoLisa ChawnerDax (Advanced)32
38NLProfile PhotoLaura KnoopsJoep (Advanced)32
39USProfile PhotoKate McLaughlinSkippa Last Gold (Whisper) (Advanced)32
40CAProfile PhotoDonna VargaMardi Gras (Mister Mardi) (Advanced)32
41CAProfile PhotoDonna VargaRoyal Midnight Star (Zaina) (Advanced)32
42USProfile PhotoDenise AnthonyNyx (Advanced)32
43GBProfile PhotoJennifer BellWee Blackie (Advanced)32
44GBProfile PhotoJennifer BellPharaoh (Advanced1S)32
45GBProfile PhotoRachael WaldronDolly (Dolls) (Medium)30
46NLProfile PhotoFemke van ReesMini (First)29
47USProfile PhotoPamela PetersonRed Man NG (Cash) (First)27
48GBProfile PhotoJoJo DarbyJess (Quest) (First)26
49GBProfile PhotoRos PerryCanona (Joey) (Advanced1S)25
50NLProfile PhotoLaura KnoopsSantos Sennador (Medium)24
51GBProfile PhotoCaroline KinderCeltic Treasure Arawn (Billy Whizz) (Medium)24
52USProfile PhotoMaggie CasonCharlie Horse (Medium)24
53USProfile PhotoKate McLaughlinThunder (Advanced)24
54GBProfile PhotoHelen BarnesElentari (Tari) (First)22
55GBProfile PhotoSusie BicknellMango (Medium)20
56GBProfile PhotoRos JonesKirtle Monkey Puzzle (Medium)20
57USProfile PhotoKathleen AylwardCiscos Dirty Blonde (Daisy) (First)18
58USProfile PhotoLaura WilharmDoc (First)18
59GBProfile PhotoFreya ChawnerOssian (Medium)18
60GBProfile PhotoRachael WaldronIndiana Jones (Jarnie) (First)16
61GBProfile PhotoMaria-Lucy NeasonIcarus (Medium)15
62GBProfile PhotoRachael WaldronMarley (Medium)15
63SEProfile PhotoPernilla MagnussonBest från Knutshyttan (Best) (First)13
64NZProfile PhotoClaire PerilliJust Maple (First)13
65GBProfile PhotoTricia HicksonCharlie (First)13
66USProfile PhotoPamela PetersonImperio (First)13
67USProfile PhotoMaggie CasonBreezy (First)13
68GBProfile PhotoKaren BeaumontSmurph (First)13
69USProfile PhotoKate McLaughlinOreos Honor Bright (Honor) (First)13
70NLProfile PhotoCindy VreugdenhilCarlo (First)13
71GBProfile PhotoJon PerryFelix (First)12
72GBProfile PhotoLouise Donnor-BroomTalponciau Downs Y Glau (Bart) (First)9
73SEProfile PhotoBirger SjöbergBrickell Betty (Starter)9
74GBProfile PhotoLouise HansonReck It Ralph (Starter)9
75GBProfile PhotoEowyn Barnes-ShortNolton Finnegan (Finn) (Starter)6
76USProfile PhotoElizabeth ReynoldsReddys Sweetsensation (Misty) (Starter)6
77AUProfile PhotoPhillipa WoodThe Londoner (Pommy) (Starter)6
78USProfile PhotoRichard ArgoPhoenix (First)3
79USProfile PhotoRichard ArgoPicosso (Starter)3
80USProfile PhotoRichard ArgoPippin (First)2
The 2020 On Line Horse Agility Walking Only League

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Pos. Country Member Name Horse Name (Current Level) Total Points
1CAProfile PhotoLeslie CloughAA`s Peek-a-choo (Peekie) (Advanced1S)192
2USProfile PhotoAlys CulhaneTyra from Tuskast (Tyra) (Advanced1S)140
3USProfile PhotoAlys CulhaneHrimfara from Lough Arrow II (Advanced1S)140
4CAProfile PhotoLeslie CloughOasis (Advanced1S)128
5GBProfile PhotoAngela WilsonItzy Bitzy (Advanced1S)120
6USProfile PhotoAlys CulhaneRaudhetta fra Alaskastadir (Raudi) (Advanced1S)105
7GBProfile PhotoBeckie MeadPyrgll Dylan (Dyl) (Advanced)80
8GBProfile PhotoMelanie GarnerShenstone Shooting Star (Dinks) (Advanced1S)65
9NZProfile PhotoPhyllis LeighEli (Medium)60
10GBProfile PhotoLucy GarnerShenstone Shooting Star (Dinks) (Advanced1S)60
11CAProfile PhotoLeslie CloughDucky (First)46
12GBProfile PhotoCaroline LawrenceDublin Miley (First)36
13GBProfile PhotoValerie WattamSt. T`s Scotch Rose (Bonnie) (Medium)36
14GBProfile PhotoDebbie MonkWaunoris Sea Hawk (Harvey) (Advanced)32
15GBProfile PhotoMichelle BeckHenburyvale Molly (Medium)24
16USProfile PhotoLaura DellBay Rum On Ice (Rumba) (First)22
17GBProfile PhotoRachael WaldronChico (First)12
18USProfile PhotoSheri PedersonPalargo (Largo) (Advanced1S)5
19GBProfile PhotoSandra TudorBilly Bo (Bilbo) (First)4
The 2020 Horse Agility Liberty Trophy

These are the current placings in the 2019 Liberty Trophy competition

Pos. Country Member Name Horse Name Total Points
1HUProfile PhotoAnna EgyedKrampusz (Krampi)144
2USProfile PhotoKim GiesekeMary120
3BEProfile PhotoKay RuymaekersIma Milk and Honeydrop (Honey)84
4CAProfile PhotoNancy IngallsMagnetic Attraction (Woody)75
5NZProfile PhotoClaire PerilliArcadia Farm Lorenzo (Enzo)68
6GBProfile PhotoEllen CochraneInara48
7GBProfile PhotoBrenda KentWorld Horse Welfare Cola 46
8USProfile PhotoMorgan BacaC Tinkerbelle (Tinkerbell)36
9USProfile PhotoMaggie CasonBiggs36
10USProfile PhotoMaggie CasonSundance (Dancer)34
11GBProfile PhotoBeverley AdamsBlue Cross Florence Freya (Florence)32
12USProfile PhotoMaggie CasonCurly Joe Starr (Curly Joe) 30
13GBProfile PhotoKate MortonBracken28
14USProfile PhotoMaggie CasonMaximillion Moon Pie (Max)24
15GBProfile PhotoGill RichardsonWorld Horse Welfare Polo20
16USProfile PhotoFiona O`ReillySapphire16
17NLProfile PhotoLaura KnoopsJoep16
18GBProfile PhotoMaria-Lucy NeasonIcarus16
19GBProfile PhotoBeverley AdamsBlue Cross Hollie Hopes (Hollie)12
20USProfile PhotoMaggie CasonRamblin Little Doc12
21GBProfile PhotoLisa ChawnerDax8
22GBProfile PhotoSadie BeechFlicker8
23GBProfile PhotoJennifer BellWee Blackie8
24USProfile PhotoJadalynn FrazierSparta8
25GBProfile PhotoEmillie LongMassive Junior (Bobby)8
26USProfile PhotoCamryn MulkeyJewel8
27SEProfile PhotoBirger SjöbergEstella (Mumin)8
28USProfile PhotoMaggie CasonCharlie Horse8
29GBProfile PhotoLinda MillerMaisie8
30GBProfile PhotoFreya ChawnerOssian8
31USProfile PhotoCheryl CoxTucker8
32USProfile PhotoLaura WilharmDoc5
The 2020 Horse Agility Liberty (Walking Only) Trophy

These are the current placings in the 2020 Liberty Trophy (Walking Only) competition

Pos. Country Member Name Horse Name Total Points
1AUProfile PhotoJulie WoodMPM Charisma (Beau)128
2GBProfile PhotoAngela WilsonItzy Bitzy60
3CAProfile PhotoLeslie CloughAA`s Peek-a-choo (Peekie)48
4NZProfile PhotoPhyllis LeighEli24
5GBProfile PhotoMelanie GarnerShenstone Shooting Star (Dinks)8
The 2020 Horse Agility Equagility League

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Pos. Country Member Name Horse Name (Current Level) Total Points
1AUProfile PhotoRachel BennettJurl (Advanced)22
2CAProfile PhotoDeanna WardSP Isle Be A Dandy (Romeo) (Advanced)20
3USProfile PhotoMaggie CasonSundance (Dancer) (Advanced1S)18
4GBProfile PhotoRos PerryCanona (Joey) (Advanced1S)18
5USProfile PhotoMaggie CasonRamblin Little Doc (Advanced1S)18
6GBProfile PhotoMelanie GarnerShenstone Shooting Star (Dinks) (Advanced1S)17
7CAProfile PhotoNancy IngallsMagnetic Attraction (Woody) (Advanced1S)16
8GBProfile PhotoLinzie MaycockChestnut Shadow (Murphy) (Advanced)12
9AUProfile PhotoRachel BennettFarmer (First)12
10GBProfile PhotoKate MortonReina (First)11
11GBProfile PhotoRos JonesKirtle Monkey Puzzle (Medium)10
12GBProfile PhotoLucy GarnerShenstone Shooting Star (Dinks) (Advanced1S)10
13AUProfile PhotoAnita PflegerLilija (Starter)10
14CAProfile PhotoMallory ClarkWinman (Advanced1S)9
15GBProfile PhotoCaroline ParkinBugsy Malone (Bugs) (Advanced1S)9
16USProfile PhotoKate McLaughlinSkippa Last Gold (Whisper) (Advanced)8

How the Horse Agility League works

These are different for each level:

The OLHA League Point Allocation table

Score 100-98 97-95 94-92 91-89 88-86 85-83
Starter +1 bonus 12 pts 8 pts 5 pts 3 pts 2 pts 1 pts
First 24 16 10 6 4 2
Medium 36 24 15 9 6 3
Advanced 48 32 20 12 8 4
Advanced 1 Star 60 40 25 15 10 5
Advanced 2 Star 72 48 30 18 12 6

The Liberty Trophy Point Allocation table

Score 100-98 97-95 94-92 91-89 88-86 85-83
Liberty Bronze 12 pts 8 pts 5 pts 3 pts 2 pts 1 pts
Liberty Silver 24 16 10 6 4 2
Liberty Gold 36 24 15 9 6 3
Liberty Platinum 48 32 20 12 8 4

The Equagility League Point Allocation table

Score 100-98 97-95 94-92 91-89 88-86 85-83
Red 6 pts 5 pts 4 pts 3 pts 2 pts 1 pts
Orange 7 6 5 4 3 2
Yellow 8 7 6 5 4 3
Green 9 8 7 6 5 4
Blue 10 9 8 7 6 5
Indigo 11 10 9 8 7 6
Violet 12 11 10 9 8 7

**Liberty is open to anyone at any level. The league points awarded for each place will be as per the Team level, so if an Advanced competitor comes First he will get 48 points, if it’s a Starter level they get 13.


All the total scores and league points are collated and published on the websites and social media pages worldwide so that at any time competitors can see where they are placed in the league both Internationally and within their own country. In the event of a league points tie the cumulative scores are taken into consideration.


When places tie, the points for the tied places are divided between the competitors.


For example 2 people tie for first place.The points for first place are added to the points for second place and divided by two.So if two people tie for first place at Medium level the points for first (36) are added to the second place points (24) which gives a total (60) which is then divided between the two competitors giving them the same score (30).


If the split result is a fraction then the result is rounded up.In the event of a tie at the end of the year league the cumulative scores for each competition are taken to account.


If there is still a tie the number of wins in that season are taken into account.