League Tables


The 2021 Online Horse Agility (OLHA!) Video League - Top 100

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Pos. Country Member Name Horse Name (Current Level) Total Points
1NZProfile PhotoClaire PerilliArcadia Farm Lorenzo (Enzo) (Advanced1S)304
2NZProfile PhotoClaire PerilliDreamcatchers LB Buckin Classy (Bucky) (Advanced1S)264
3GBProfile PhotoEllen CochraneInara (Advanced1S)245
4DEProfile PhotoKirsten GrönerHoney Bee`s Jodani (Advanced1S)244
5GBProfile PhotoNick McKayGott Probate (Proby) (Advanced1S)192
6SEProfile PhotoPernilla MagnussonBest från Knutshyttan (Best) (Advanced1S)180
7USProfile PhotoKelly Joy JunglingEddie (Advanced)168
8GBProfile PhotoJane Armstrong-LancasterLight Hearted Whiz (Lucy) (Advanced)167
9DEProfile PhotoKirsten GrönerAccito (Advanced)164
10GBProfile PhotoTricia HicksonCharlie (Advanced1S)161
11USProfile PhotoTim RedekopLevi Freeland Gypsy (Levi) (Advanced)150
12CAProfile PhotoKendra GaleCircle J North Star (Little Duke) (Advanced1S)148
13DEProfile PhotoKirsten GrönerSabine (Advanced)144
14USProfile PhotoJadalynn FrazierSparta (Advanced1S)141
15GBProfile PhotoKate MortonBracken (Medium)135
16USProfile PhotoEv NusicPoco Dell Spark DR (Colby) (Advanced1S)131
17GBProfile PhotoCharlie HoganMr Bojangles (Boue) (Advanced1S)128
18USProfile PhotoPamela PetersonRed Man NG (Cash) (Advanced)116
19USProfile PhotoDenise AnthonyNyx (Advanced)112
20USProfile PhotoLucy ButlerTFM Recolleta (Rowan) (Medium)109
21USProfile PhotoLaura StokkingSpyder (Spydie) (Advanced1S)105
22USProfile PhotoMaggie CasonSundance (Dancer) (Advanced1S)105
23GBProfile PhotoKaren BeaumontSmurph (Advanced)104
24USProfile PhotoEv NusicWild West Rookie (Advanced)102
25USProfile PhotoMorgan BacaClassic Ana (Medium)101
26USProfile PhotoJosephine GrassmickJewel (Medium)98
27GBProfile PhotoSophie BealeIrish Gem (Medium)97
28GBProfile PhotoLisa ChawnerDax (Advanced1S)95
29USProfile PhotoMaggie CasonCurly Joe Starr (Curly Joe) (Advanced1S)95
30USProfile PhotoCamryn MulkeyJewel (Advanced1S)93
31USProfile PhotoFiona O`ReillySapphire (Advanced1S)90
32USProfile PhotoPamela PetersonImperio (Medium)90
33GBProfile PhotoKerry PeggSweet Silverstone Dolly Mix (Dolly) (Medium)88
34USProfile PhotoKim GiesekeFlora SGH (Flora) (Medium)87
35IOMProfile PhotoEmillie LongEquitatio`s Perfect Prince (Medium)87
36GBProfile PhotoKate MortonReina (Medium)87
37GBProfile PhotoJenny BellWee Blackie (Advanced1S)84
38GBProfile PhotoCaroline KinderCeltic Treasure Arawn (Billy Whizz) (Advanced1S)80
39GBProfile PhotoJenny BellPharaoh (Advanced1S)80
40USProfile PhotoDenise AnthonyCady (Advanced)79
41GBProfile PhotoLisa HickmanJula Mystical Lady (Lilly) (Advanced)78
42USProfile PhotoSarah HulbertBuddy (Medium)75
43USProfile PhotoBrianna MyersDc dbronco (DC) (Medium)74
44GBProfile PhotoLucie MitchellBaron`s Brave Music (Baron) (Medium)72
45USProfile PhotoElizabeth ReynoldsCiscos Dirty Blonde (Daisy) (Advanced)72
46USProfile PhotoHannah HulbertAria (First)71
47IEProfile PhotoMark BelshawDerryglogher Chewbacca (Chewie) (Medium)70
48USProfile PhotoMaggie CasonMaximillion Moon Pie (Max) (Advanced1S)70
49GBProfile PhotoKerry PeggArimist IBN Replica (Arimist) (First)69
50NZProfile PhotoTracy BeaufillArcadia Destined for Revenge (Dez) (Medium)67
51GBProfile PhotoCorrinne ForsterMr Zebolaski (Zebo) (First)67
52USProfile PhotoLaurie SpryKoocha (Kooch) (Medium)64
53ATProfile PhotoBarbara Wilfinger-SchneiderBella Donna Lolitta (Lilo) (Medium)64
54GBProfile PhotoJane Armstrong-LancasterFeltchers Surprise (Rosie) (First)63
55USProfile PhotoSally TwestenCandy`s Baron (Barry) (First)62
56USProfile PhotoWendy BarrosA Girl Named Squirrel (Medium)60
57SEProfile PhotoBirger SjöbergEstella (Mumin) (Medium)60
58USProfile PhotoAngelica GiaquintoWill (Medium)60
59CAProfile PhotoCharity CantyLittle Bits Man Among Men (D) (Advanced1S)60
60USProfile PhotoEli FrazierSmoke (First)58
61GBProfile PhotoSarah JonesPilleybailey Patronus (Patronus) (First)57
62NLProfile PhotoFemke van ReesRosita (Roos) (Medium)57
63USProfile PhotoElizabeth ReynoldsMind Yourown Biznes (Shayna) (Medium)57
64USProfile PhotoJulianna RussellGhost (Medium)56
65NZProfile PhotoTracy BeaufillLindisfarm Pradas Devil n Disguise (Zeb) (First)56
66HUProfile PhotoFanni ZsókLaza (First)55
67GBProfile PhotoJenny AllportBakeburn Juliette (Juliette) (First)55
68USProfile PhotoAngelica GiaquintoRumble (First)54
69GBProfile PhotoKate MortonJD II (JD) (Advanced)54
70GBProfile PhotoGail WebbTermon Boy (Tonto) (First)51
71GBProfile PhotoLisa HickmanElvet Peace Lily (Autumn) (Medium)51
72NZProfile PhotoTracy BeaufillOakwood Rockets Satin Doll (Lady) (First)50
73NZProfile PhotoTracy BeaufillMinden Tiger Lily (First)50
74GBProfile PhotoMichelle PhizackleaKing Arthur (Medium)50
75GBProfile PhotoChristine HarlingAusdan Kismet (Kiz) (Medium)50
76GBProfile PhotoRos JonesKirtle Monkey Puzzle (Advanced)48
77USProfile PhotoFiona BoydGhost (Medium)48
78FRProfile PhotoVeronique VieMiro (Medium)48
79USProfile PhotoMaggie CasonCharlie Horse (Medium)48
80ATProfile PhotoKatharina WimmerLooks Like Freckles (Louise) (Medium)48
81GBProfile PhotoClaire MoyesTitan (First)47
82GBProfile PhotoKim PiperMaze (Medium)46
83GBProfile PhotoRos JonesCappagh Fraoch (Medium)46
84NZProfile PhotoTracy BeaufillIkan Earl of Brunswick (Earl) (First)45
85USProfile PhotoLaurie SpryTessa (First)45
86CAProfile PhotoMegan AtkinsonWhole Lotta Rosie [Rosie] (First)44
87GBProfile PhotoJane Armstrong-LancasterEven Glory (Macey) (Medium)44
88GBProfile PhotoLouise OxleyTheo (Pocket Rocket) (First)42
89GBProfile PhotoJane Armstrong-LancasterPerryfields Liberty Belle (Libby) (Medium)42
90IOMProfile PhotoEmillie LongMassive Junior (Bobby) (First)40
91GBProfile PhotoNicola WinsletCoppice Flashman (Harry) (Medium)40
92USProfile PhotoCandice Van AllenTucker (Medium)40
93NLProfile PhotoAnanja JorritsmaSwa (Advanced)40
94USProfile PhotoLaci PoundsPrincess Lilly (Lily) (First)39
95CAProfile PhotoMegan AtkinsonGypsy Queen [Snickers] (First)39
96GBProfile PhotoKaty HughesMagic Dice (Jac) (First)39
97USProfile PhotoKim GiesekeMaserati Gold (Maserati) (Medium)39
98USProfile PhotoFiona O`ReillyMilo (First)38
99GBProfile PhotoChristine HarlingChamfron Tizona (Elsie) (First)38
100GBProfile PhotoLaura PannewitzLindance Lilly (Lilly) (First)37
The 2021 On Line Horse Agility Walking Only League

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Pos. Country Member Name Horse Name (Current Level) Total Points
1CAProfile PhotoRon BurfootDreamer (Advanced1S)312
2GBProfile PhotoDebbie MonkWaunoris Sea Hawk (Harvey) (Advanced1S)208
3GBProfile PhotoFreddie McManusFlick (Advanced)173
4GBProfile PhotoJo HickfordBiscuit Boy (Bix) (Advanced1S)136
5USProfile PhotoAlys CulhaneTyra from Tuskast (Tyra) (Advanced1S)113
6USProfile PhotoAlys CulhaneRaudhetta fra Alaskastadir (Raudi) (Advanced1S)110
7USProfile PhotoAlys CulhaneHrimfara from Lough Arrow II (Advanced1S)103
8GBProfile PhotoMichelle BeckHenburyvale Molly (Advanced)83
9USProfile PhotoMackenzie MerkelGhost (Medium)76
10USProfile PhotoWyatt BoydPearl (Medium)74
11USProfile PhotoLaura DellBay Rum On Ice (Rumba) (Advanced)72
12CAProfile PhotoLeslie CloughDucky (Advanced1S)64
13GBProfile PhotoVanessa JohnBoots the Boy (Boots) (Medium)63
14GBProfile PhotoJane Armstrong-Lancaster Rumworth Evening Flame (Milly) (First)58
15USProfile PhotoCyndi GillaspieRhiannon VM (Maisy) (Medium)58
16USProfile PhotoNicola O`ReillyDually (Medium)57
17GBProfile PhotoSandra DaintyBanner (Advanced)56
18GBProfile PhotoNicola WinsletDaniel (Advanced1S)55
19USProfile PhotoSamantha DavenportShadow Lake Mini Pearl (First)42
20USProfile PhotoKathy RichardsonCheerios (First)38
21GBProfile PhotoSandra DaintyWillowbrooks Tiger Lilli (Medium)32
22GBProfile PhotoFreya ChawnerOssian (Advanced)32
23USProfile PhotoWyatt BoydCheerios (First)29
24USProfile PhotoFiona BoydGhost (Medium)26
25USProfile PhotoSheri PedersonPalargo (Largo) (Advanced1S)25
26GBProfile PhotoEllen CochraneGaia (First)24
27AUProfile PhotoAmanda BettesworthJeremes Bonus (Jerry) (First)22
28GBProfile PhotoKaren WheelerMighty Fast Baroak (Oaks) (First)19
29USProfile PhotoJulianna RussellGhost (Medium)16
30GBProfile PhotoKimberly FoddenCaptain Darcy (First)15
31GBProfile PhotoMolly DowningWaverhead Ted (Ted) (First)15
32GBProfile PhotoAmy JonesBracken (Medium)15
33GBProfile PhotoSuzanne DavisMarazarli (Mac) (Advanced)15
34GBProfile PhotoDiane CollierRupert (First)13
35AUProfile PhotoLeah MontefioreMakari Regis (Reggie) (First)13
36GBProfile PhotoCharlotte WilsonAshleigh (Ash) (Starter)9
37USProfile PhotoFiona BoydLulu (Starter)9
38AUProfile PhotoMaggie BroomRascal (Starter)9
39USProfile PhotoBridget HaysTwisted Rebel Legen (Rebel) (Starter)9
40GBProfile PhotoAllison MorrisonMinty (Moofy) (Starter)9
41USProfile PhotoNatalie HardyShadow Lake Mini Pearl (First)9
42GBProfile PhotoJane Armstrong-LancasterPolo (Starter)9
43GBProfile PhotoDiana TheophilusMoorefield Magic (First)8
44GBProfile PhotoSue KellySamson (First)6
45GBProfile PhotoMichelle BeckHenburyvale Pixie (First)6
46GBProfile PhotoFin Gallagher ThompsonCasmiro (First)4
47GBProfile PhotoHollie TowlerSweet Briar Lady (Berry) (Starter)3
48USProfile PhotoAnnie MagnusonStogies Little Missy (Paint) (Starter)3
49AUProfile PhotoDayna EvansAnnavale Serena (Honey) (Starter)2
The 2021 Horse Agility Liberty Trophy

These are the current placings in the 2021 Liberty Trophy competition

Pos. Country Member Name Horse Name Total Points
1HUProfile PhotoAnna EgyedKrampusz (Krampi)232
2GBProfile PhotoEllen CochraneInara167
3DEProfile PhotoKirsten GrönerHoney Bee`s Jodani112
4BEProfile PhotoKay RuymaekersIma Milk and Honeydrop (Honey)111
5GBProfile PhotoKate MortonBracken84
6USProfile PhotoEv NusicPoco Dell Spark DR (Colby)62
7USProfile PhotoWendy BarrosA Girl Named Squirrel56
8CAProfile PhotoMegan AtkinsonParty for Two (Flower)51
9USProfile PhotoMaggie CasonSundance (Dancer)51
10USProfile PhotoPamela PetersonImperio50
11USProfile PhotoPamela PetersonRed Man NG (Cash)50
12GBProfile PhotoKate MortonReina46
13SEProfile PhotoBirger SjöbergEstella (Mumin)45
14DEProfile PhotoKirsten GrönerAccito 40
15GBProfile PhotoTricia HicksonCharlie39
16CAProfile PhotoMara AshbyPrince of Hearts (Prince)38
17DEProfile PhotoKirsten GrönerSabine36
18GBProfile PhotoJane Armstrong-LancasterLight Hearted Whiz (Lucy)32
19NZProfile PhotoTracy BeaufillArcadia Destined for Revenge (Dez)29
20NZProfile PhotoTracy BeaufillLindisfarm Pradas Devil n Disguise (Zeb)29
21NZProfile PhotoTracy BeaufillIkan Earl of Brunswick (Earl)29
22USProfile PhotoMaggie CasonCurly Joe Starr (Curly Joe) 24
23CAProfile PhotoCharity CantyLittle Bits Man Among Men (D)24
24NLProfile PhotoFemke van ReesRosita (Roos)22
25GBProfile PhotoChristine HarlingChamfron Tizona (Elsie)21
26GBProfile PhotoGill RichardsonWorld Horse Welfare Polo21
27AUProfile PhotoGeorgia WoodFatal Attraction (Tonka)20
28GBProfile PhotoChristine HarlingAusdan Kismet (Kiz)19
29NZProfile PhotoTracy BeaufillMinden Tiger Lily18
30GBProfile PhotoJane Armstrong-LancasterPerryfields Liberty Belle (Libby)18
31GBProfile PhotoSarah JonesPilleybailey Patronus (Patronus)17
32GBProfile PhotoElla BartlettRushmoor Brumby17
33CAProfile PhotoMegan AtkinsonHurricane Bay (Hugo) 16
34GBProfile PhotoTrudi BamentSqueak16
35NZProfile PhotoTracy BeaufillOakwood Rockets Satin Doll (Lady)13
36GBProfile PhotoMaria-Lucy NeasonDFM Spirits Bay Pashian (Pasha)13
37FRProfile PhotoVeronique VieMiro12
38USProfile PhotoLynn ActonShiloh 12
39GBProfile PhotoEllen CochraneMisty12
40AUProfile PhotoRachel BennettJurl12
41CAProfile PhotoMegan AtkinsonWhole Lotta Rosie [Rosie]12
42ATProfile PhotoBarbara Wilfinger-SchneiderBella Donna Lolitta (Lilo)12
43GBProfile PhotoLorraine HayesMolly11
44CAProfile PhotoMegan AtkinsonGypsy Queen [Snickers]10
45GBProfile PhotoLisa ChawnerOssian10
46GBProfile PhotoMaria-Lucy NeasonIcarus10
47GBProfile PhotoGerry BarkerLlammarch Grafitti10
48USProfile PhotoElizabeth ReynoldsMind Yourown Biznes (Shayna)10
49GBProfile PhotoLisa ChawnerDax8
50SEProfile PhotoNina NordengrenBellamie (Bellis)8
51USProfile PhotoJadalynn FrazierSparta8
52IOMProfile PhotoEmillie LongEquitatio`s Perfect Prince8
53USProfile PhotoMaggie CasonMaximillion Moon Pie (Max)8
54ATProfile PhotoAnika RadlThisisalliwan (Koda)8
55USProfile PhotoMaggie CasonBiggs8
56GBProfile PhotoGail WebbTermon Boy (Tonto)8
57USProfile PhotoEv NusicWild West Rookie5
58ATProfile PhotoKatharina WimmerLooks Like Freckles (Louise)5
59ATProfile PhotoSabrina WimmerNobody (Nono)5
60GBProfile PhotoJoJo DarbyToby5
61GBProfile PhotoJane Armstrong-LancasterFeltchers Surprise (Rosie)5
62BEProfile PhotoNathalie BeelprezGayatri (Gaya)5
63IOMProfile PhotoEmillie LongMassive Junior (Bobby)5
64ESProfile PhotoHelen LownMarismeño (Flynn)3
65GBProfile PhotoCatriona FyffeTrooper3
The 2021 Horse Agility Liberty (Walking Only) Trophy

These are the current placings in the 2021 Liberty Trophy (Walking Only) competition

Pos. Country Member Name Horse Name Total Points
1CAProfile PhotoRon BurfootDreamer160
2USProfile PhotoKathy RichardsonGhost29
3GBProfile PhotoMichelle BeckHenburyvale Molly26
4GBProfile PhotoCaroline LawrenceDublin Miley20
5GBProfile PhotoFreya ChawnerOssian14
6GBProfile PhotoJane Armstrong-Lancaster Rumworth Evening Flame (Milly)14
7CHProfile PhotoRuth MüllerChili12
8USProfile PhotoKathy RichardsonCheerios12
9GBProfile PhotoJo HickfordBiscuit Boy (Bix)12
10USProfile PhotoAlys CulhaneRaudhetta fra Alaskastadir (Raudi)12
11USProfile PhotoAlys CulhaneHrimfara from Lough Arrow II8
12USProfile PhotoAlys CulhaneTyra from Tuskast (Tyra)8
13GBProfile PhotoMichelle BeckHenburyvale Pixie8
The 2021 Horse Agility Equagility League

Click the competitor name below to view the full team profile

Pos. Country Member Name Horse Name (Current Level) Total Points
1AUProfile PhotoRachel BennettJurl (Advanced)43
2DEProfile PhotoKirsten GrönerAccito (Advanced)41
3GBProfile PhotoJane Armstrong-LancasterLight Hearted Whiz (Lucy) (Advanced)40
4CAProfile PhotoMegan AtkinsonParty for Two (Flower) (Advanced1S)37
5AUProfile PhotoRachel BennettFarmer (First)36
6USProfile PhotoEv NusicPoco Dell Spark DR (Colby) (Advanced1S)34
7GBProfile PhotoRos PerryCanona (Joey) (Advanced1S)32
7CAMegan AtkinsonParty for Two (Flower) (Starter)9
8SEProfile PhotoPernilla MagnussonDama fra Litla Hvammi 1 (Dama) (Starter)32
9GBProfile PhotoElizabeth RichardsonVidir von Schluensee (Vidir) (First)30
10GBProfile PhotoKate MortonReina (Medium)30
11GBProfile PhotoCharlie HoganMr Bojangles (Boue) (Advanced1S)27
12USProfile PhotoMaggie CasonSundance (Dancer) (Advanced1S)27
13AUProfile PhotoAnita PflegerLilija (Starter)26
14CAProfile PhotoMegan AtkinsonHurricane Bay (Hugo) (Advanced1S)25
15SEProfile PhotoPernilla MagnussonPascals Nickolina (Nico) (Starter)23
16GBProfile PhotoMichelle PhizackleaKing Arthur (Medium)21
17GBProfile PhotoJane Armstrong-LancasterPerryfields Liberty Belle (Libby) (Medium)20
18GBProfile PhotoJane Armstrong-LancasterEven Glory (Macey) (Medium)20
19GBProfile PhotoLinzie MaycockChestnut Shadow (Murphy) (Advanced)19
20SEProfile PhotoBirger SjöbergEstella (Mumin) (Medium)19
21USProfile PhotoElizabeth ReynoldsCiscos Dirty Blonde (Daisy) (Advanced)19
22GBProfile PhotoLisa ChawnerDax (Advanced1S)19
23CAProfile PhotoDeanna WardSP Isle Be A Dandy (Romeo) (Advanced)19
24SEProfile PhotoPernilla MagnussonBest från Knutshyttan (Best) (Advanced1S)18
25GBProfile PhotoKate MortonJD II (JD) (Advanced)15
26GBProfile PhotoKerry PeggSweet Silverstone Dolly Mix (Dolly) (Medium)14
27GBProfile PhotoVanessa JohnBoots the Boy (Boots) (Medium)14
28CRProfile PhotoIrma VrbnjakGita (Advanced1S)14
29ATProfile PhotoBarbara Wilfinger-SchneiderBella Donna Lolitta (Lilo) (Medium)11
30CAProfile PhotoMegan AtkinsonWhole Lotta Rosie [Rosie] (First)11
31USProfile PhotoLucy ButlerTFM Recolleta (Rowan) (Medium)10
32GBProfile PhotoRos JonesCappagh Fraoch (Medium)10
33USProfile PhotoMary BallardPepping Playboy (Stewie) (First)9
34GBProfile PhotoKerry PeggArimist IBN Replica (Arimist) (First)8
35GBProfile PhotoCorrinne ForsterMr Zebolaski (Zebo) (First)8
36IOMProfile PhotoEmillie LongMassive Junior (Bobby) (First)8
37USProfile PhotoLynn ActonBronzz (First)8
38GBProfile PhotoFreya ChawnerDax (Starter)7
39GBProfile PhotoKaty HughesMagic Dice (Jac) (First)6
40ATProfile PhotoJennifer StüblerBounty be Tasty (Bounty) (First)5
41GBProfile PhotoClaire GilliesQuince (First)5
42GBProfile PhotoFreya ChawnerOssian (Advanced)3
42USProfile PhotoKate McLaughlinHoney (Starter)5
43SEProfile PhotoBirger SjöbergPascals Nickolina (Starter)5
44GBProfile PhotoRos JonesKirtle Monkey Puzzle (Advanced)4
45USProfile PhotoMorgan BacaC Tinkerbelle (Tinkerbell) (Advanced)4
46CAProfile PhotoMegan AtkinsonGypsy Queen [Snickers] (First)3
47GBProfile PhotoKaren PotterPrairie Dawn Rose (Rosie) (Advanced)3
48GBProfile PhotoNaomi JacobsTexas Red (Tex) (Starter)3
49GBProfile PhotoEowyn Barnes-ShortKinnskjona (Kinna) (Starter)3

How the Horse Agility League works

These are different for each level:

The OLHA League Point Allocation table

Score 100-98 97-95 94-92 91-89 88-86 85-83
Starter +1 bonus 12 pts 8 pts 5 pts 3 pts 2 pts 1 pts
First 24 16 10 6 4 2
Medium 36 24 15 9 6 3
Advanced 48 32 20 12 8 4
Advanced 1 Star 60 40 25 15 10 5
Advanced 2 Star 72 48 30 18 12 6

The Liberty Trophy Point Allocation table

Score 100-98 97-95 94-92 91-89 88-86 85-83
Liberty Bronze 12 pts 8 pts 5 pts 3 pts 2 pts 1 pts
Liberty Silver 24 16 10 6 4 2
Liberty Gold 36 24 15 9 6 3
Liberty Platinum 48 32 20 12 8 4

The Equagility League Point Allocation table

Score 100-98 97-95 94-92 91-89 88-86 85-83
Red 6 pts 5 pts 4 pts 3 pts 2 pts 1 pts
Orange 7 6 5 4 3 2
Yellow 8 7 6 5 4 3
Green 9 8 7 6 5 4
Blue 10 9 8 7 6 5
Indigo 11 10 9 8 7 6
Violet 12 11 10 9 8 7

**Liberty is open to anyone at any level. The league points awarded for each place will be as per the Team level, so if an Advanced competitor comes First he will get 48 points, if it’s a Starter level they get 13.


All the total scores and league points are collated and published on the websites and social media pages worldwide so that at any time competitors can see where they are placed in the league both Internationally and within their own country. In the event of a league points tie the cumulative scores are taken into consideration.


When places tie, the points for the tied places are divided between the competitors.


For example 2 people tie for first place.The points for first place are added to the points for second place and divided by two.So if two people tie for first place at Medium level the points for first (36) are added to the second place points (24) which gives a total (60) which is then divided between the two competitors giving them the same score (30).


If the split result is a fraction then the result is rounded up.In the event of a tie at the end of the year league the cumulative scores for each competition are taken to account.


If there is still a tie the number of wins in that season are taken into account.