League Tables


The Online Horse Agility (OLHA!) Video League - Top 100

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Pos. Country Member Name Horse Name (Current Level) Total Points
1NZProfile PhotoClaire PerilliDreamcatchers LB Buckin Classy (Bucky) (Advanced1S)324
2DEProfile PhotoKirsten GrönerSabine (Advanced1S)300
3GBProfile PhotoLisa HickmanElvet Peace Lily (Autumn) (Advanced1S)280
4DEProfile PhotoKirsten GrönerHoney Bee`s Jodani (Advanced1S)260
5GBProfile PhotoEmily McManusAztec Leonado (Leo) (Advanced1S)225
6GBProfile PhotoLisa HickmanJula Mystical Lady (Lilly) (Advanced1S)220
7NZProfile PhotoBev FosterArcadia Farm Lorenzo (Enzo) (Advanced1S)204
8GBProfile PhotoNick McKayGott Probate (Proby) (Advanced1S)186
9GBProfile PhotoElaine CoxonRosado II (Rosado) (Advanced1S)184
10NZProfile PhotoClaire PerilliJurosslie Rebels Ragamuffin (Muffin) (Medium)156
11USProfile PhotoMaggie CasonBiggs (Advanced1S)145
12USProfile PhotoRebecca MogielskiWNW Codigo (Koda) (Medium)144
13AUProfile PhotoJena AdamsNow What (Buzz) (Advanced1S)128
14AUProfile PhotoAnita PflegerLilija (Medium)121
15USProfile PhotoCandice Van AllenChantilly (Advanced1S)120
16NLProfile PhotoKristy WinckelmansPancake (Advanced1S)115
17USProfile PhotoMaggie CasonRamblin Little Doc (Advanced1S)115
18GBProfile PhotoKerry PeggSweet Silverstone Dolly Mix (Dolly) (Advanced1S)110
19GBProfile PhotoJacki HoneybourneRiverview Inspiration (Neville) (Advanced)107
20USProfile PhotoMary BallardPepping Playboy (Stewie) (Advanced1S)105
21GBProfile PhotoSheila JonesAro (Advanced)104
22USProfile PhotoMaggie CasonMaximillion Moon Pie (Max) (Advanced1S)100
23USProfile PhotoMaggie CasonCurly Joe Starr (Curly Joe) (Advanced1S)100
24GBProfile PhotoErin BaldwinAbbeydance (Dance) (Medium)91
25GBProfile PhotoNicola WinsletCoppice Polestar (Thomas) (Advanced1S)90
26USProfile PhotoMaggie CasonCharlie Horse (Advanced)89
27GBProfile PhotoGail WebbLyndhurst Robbie (Spotty Bear) (Medium)86
28GBProfile PhotoErin BaldwinHopscotch (Medium)83
29NZProfile PhotoLisa MirfinFour Seasons I`ll Drink To That (Magnum) (Medium)82
30GBProfile PhotoJo PageCharlie Ray`s Sunshine (Charlie) (Medium)82
31USProfile PhotoVicki WebberleyPromises Kept (Promise) (Medium)81
32GBProfile PhotoJo PageKevin Jones (Kevin) (Medium)80
33USProfile PhotoMaggie CasonSundance (Dancer) (Advanced1S)80
34GBProfile PhotoChloe TappOldforge Osprey (Oscar) (Medium)79
35GBProfile PhotoAlison KnightShadowcroft Pagan Princess (Pagan) (Medium)74
36GBProfile PhotoLinda JewellGoldenrina Gem (Gem) (Advanced)72
37GBProfile PhotoSabrina DoidgeMisty Lady (Bella) (Medium)72
38NZProfile PhotoAshleigh BrownLuxmore (Lux) (Medium)72
39USProfile PhotoIda NorrisLilith T.L. (Lilith) (Advanced)72
40USProfile PhotoAngela BelznerStudley (First)71
41USProfile PhotoAngela BelznerGracie (First)71
42USProfile PhotoMaggie CasonSir Prize Cowboy (Medium)71
43GBProfile PhotoAlex BaldwinJuno Breeze (Juno) (First)69
44GBProfile PhotoDenise JonesRedwings Appollo (Appollo) (Advanced)69
45NZProfile PhotoBev FosterSherwood Simply Jack (Jack) (Advanced)68
46GBProfile PhotoLucy GarnerBruno (Medium)66
47GBProfile PhotoLinda ReedTawbitts Victor (Victor) (Medium)64
48GBProfile PhotoSharron CampTownend Eva (Medium)62
49GBProfile PhotoLouise OxleyTheo (Pocket Rocket) (Advanced)60
50GBProfile PhotoJen BirtchnellRockie 2 (Finn) (First)58
51BEProfile PhotoKay RuymaekersChicagos Hello Pixie (Pixie) (First)57
52GBProfile PhotoJanet BevanBoris (Medium)57
53CAProfile PhotoShelley MottersheadTiz (Medium)55
54GBProfile PhotoLucie MitchellGypsy King (Gypsy) (Medium)55
55DEProfile PhotoJudith BeierApollo (First)54
56GBProfile PhotoAlison KnightDalehead Midnight Express (Maya) (Advanced)54
57USProfile PhotoJosephine GrassmickRumble (First)53
58GBProfile PhotoClaire WilliamsMidnight Star (Star) (Medium)52
59GBProfile PhotoNathaly StobbeFlo (Advanced1S)52
60GBProfile PhotoLinda ReedDarshill Groot (Groot) (First)51
61USProfile PhotoMaggie CasonShyAnne (Medium)50
62USProfile PhotoBrooklyn T.Nerina (Medium)48
63CAProfile PhotoKendra GaleCircle J North Star (Little Duke) (Advanced1S)48
64GBProfile PhotoErinna PumfreyWormbridge Fudge (Rosie) (Medium)46
65CAProfile PhotoPat AslundFashion (Diva) (Medium)44
66GBProfile PhotoDenise JonesMy Laddie (Laddie) (Medium)42
67GBProfile PhotoMelanie GarnerSD Panda (Panda) (First)41
68NZLisa Mirfin Four Seasons You Can Drink To That (Magnum) (Medium)9
68GBProfile PhotoKath OgdenSeimon (First)41
69USProfile PhotoLaci RuhoffAnnie (Medium)41
70USProfile PhotoMaggie CasonBreezy (Medium)40
71GBProfile PhotoJudith KnightBlue Cross Jaxx (Jaxxy) (Medium)40
72GBProfile PhotoNathaly StobbeJigsaw (Advanced)40
73GBProfile PhotoClaire WilliamsGuinness (Medium)39
74IOMProfile PhotoOrry WATTERSONThe Artful Dodger (Dodger) (First)39
75USProfile PhotoMaggie CasonToday`s my Lucky Day (Lucky) (Medium)39
76GBProfile PhotoIzzy TuckerCharlie (First)38
77GBProfile PhotoEmma CattermoleSD India (India) (First)38
78NLProfile PhotoKristy WinckelmansNugget (First)37
79GBProfile PhotoAmy TiltRangeview Lolita (Lolli) (First)36
80GBProfile PhotoSue HaleLady (First)36
81GBProfile PhotoMelanie GarnerBruno (Medium)36
82GBProfile PhotoJudith AzzopardiDinky Small (Dinky) (Advanced)36
83GBProfile PhotoSabrina DoidgePutwell Sidan (Pumpkin) (Advanced)36
84GBProfile PhotoNicola WinsletCoppice Flashman (Harry) (Medium)33
85NLProfile PhotoKristy WinckelmansPopcorn (Popje) (Advanced)33
86AUProfile PhotoKarri NadazdyBazinga Dragonfly (Dragon) (First)32
87GBProfile PhotoHenri SennCody Boy (Cody) (Medium)32
88GBProfile PhotoLisa HickmanDernahatten Prince (Medium)32
89GBProfile PhotoLiz KeenDaisy (Advanced)32
90GBProfile PhotoGemma WilkinsonMickey Mouse (Mickey) (First)31
91GBProfile PhotoErin BaldwinPeanut (First)30
92GBProfile PhotoKaty HughesBogart (Bogey) (Medium)30
93GBProfile PhotoLeah HamptonSukki (Nel) (First)29
94GBProfile PhotoNadine ClarkSkelton Tallulah (Lady T) (First)29
95CAProfile PhotoMalia LescanecStryker (First)26
96GBProfile PhotoGemma WilkinsonSaxon Warrior (Saxon) (First)25
97IOMProfile PhotoDaniel HallPrince (First)25
98GBProfile PhotoTricia HicksonCharlie (Advanced1S)25
99GBProfile PhotoNathaly StobbeDiego (Advanced1S)25
The On Line Horse Agility Walking Only League

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Pos. Country Member Name Horse Name (Current Level) Total Points
1AUProfile PhotoJulie WoodYabudarra Oliver (Oliver) (Advanced1S)324
2CAProfile PhotoRon BurfootDreamer (Advanced1S)288
3DEProfile PhotoKirsten GrönerAccito (Advanced1S)220
4GBProfile PhotoHenri SennBobby (Bob) (Advanced1S)156
5GBProfile PhotoFreddie McManusFlick (Advanced1S)140
6GBProfile PhotoLucie MitchellBaron`s Brave Music (Baron) (Advanced1S)125
7GBProfile PhotoSabrina DoidgePutwell Sidan (Pumpkin) (Advanced)124
8GBProfile PhotoMichele RumseyCharlie (Advanced)98
9GBProfile PhotoMandy NutleyBanjo (Advanced)84
10GBProfile PhotoSarah WhalleyApril Kilmore Lass (April) (Medium)79
11GBProfile PhotoSue FeastShiny Like A Spark (Chispa) (Medium)72
12USProfile PhotoMaura MalloryHey Mikey He Likes It (Mikey) (Medium)69
13USProfile PhotoLaura StokkingClouseau (Clou) (Medium)66
14GBProfile PhotoSuzanne DavisMarazarli (Mac) (Advanced)64
15IOMProfile PhotoEmillie LongSpace Bound (Nova) (Advanced)54
16CAProfile PhotoAnne WoodDVM X R8ed Moves (Maggie) (First)52
17AUProfile PhotoErin PearceGlencoe VC (Mack) (First)50
18GBProfile PhotoAmy JonesBracken (Advanced)48
19USProfile PhotoKathy VitulloMalibu (Medium)48
20GBProfile PhotoSarah WhalleyMackenrany Gwennic Lass (Cara) (Medium)46
21IOMProfile PhotoEmillie LongEquitatio`s Perfect Prince (Advanced1S)45
22GBProfile PhotoKaty HughesMagic Dice (Jac) (Advanced)44
23AUProfile PhotoLeanne BaxterJohnny Appleseed (Johnny) (First)41
24AUProfile PhotoLeanne BaxterPant on Fire (Drip) (First)41
25USProfile PhotoAngela BelznerSummer (Sunshine) (First)40
26HUProfile PhotoFanni ZsókLaza (Advanced)40
27CAProfile PhotoDonna VargaMardi Gras (Mister Mardi) (Advanced1S)40
28GBProfile PhotoKate JacksonSolmyrkvi from Caehaf (Soli) (First)38
29GBProfile PhotoKate JacksonSchieferstein Arandor (Aran) (First)36
30CAProfile PhotoRon BurfootReo (Medium)36
31GBProfile PhotoJacki HoneybourneRiverview Inspiration (Neville) (Advanced)36
32GBProfile PhotoErin BaldwinLuckey (First)30
33USProfile PhotoSheri PedersonPalargo (Largo) (Advanced1S)30
34GBProfile PhotoSue HarwoodMosscarr Wunderstein (Max) (First)28
35GBProfile PhotoSabrina DoidgeMisty Lady (Bella) (Medium)24
36CAProfile PhotoMarilyn NiemiecKazamera (Mera) (Advanced)24
37GBProfile PhotoCaroline LawrenceMosscarr Wunderstein (Max) (First)21
38GBProfile PhotoKate JacksonRedwings Horace (Horace) (First)20
39GBProfile PhotoMandy NutleyFlute (Advanced)20
40GBProfile PhotoBruce TaylorBenjimin (Benji) (First)16
41USProfile PhotoBob BallardPepping Playboy (Stewie) (First)15
42GBProfile PhotoSandra DaintyWillowbrooks Tiger Lilli (Medium)15
43USProfile PhotoErin ShefferDiva Indeed (V) (First)13
44USProfile PhotoMaura MallorySet The World On Fire (Flint) (First)12
45GBProfile PhotoSue HarwoodRomeo di Verona (Romeo) (First)12
46USProfile PhotoMaura MallorySee Dublin On Foot (Dublin) (First)10
47GBProfile PhotoPenny DicksonBailey (First)10
48GBProfile PhotoHope NightingaleMervin (First)10
49USProfile PhotoMaura MalloryGreyson of Galashield (Greyson) (Medium)9
50USProfile PhotoKenzie WilliamsonPoptart (Starter)9
51GBProfile PhotoMandy NutleyHandsome (Medium)9
52AUProfile PhotoJulieanne BrewsterAtom Again (Bindi) (Medium)9
53AUProfile PhotoCaroline McKeeSCS Spudicus [Spud] (Medium)9
54USProfile PhotoMaura MallorySpots All Over (Bubbles) (Starter)6
55GBProfile PhotoSue JeggoRocky (Badger) (Starter)6
56GBProfile PhotoSam AmosBounceback Ben (Ben) (Starter)6
57GBProfile PhotoCindy DavisonMary (Starter)6
58GBProfile PhotoAnne SprakeRathpierce Tommy (Tommy) (First)6
59GBProfile PhotoWendy SaundersonMary (Starter)6
60USProfile PhotoSusan StankorbAngel (First)6
61AUProfile PhotoErin PearceJust Jake (Jay) (First)6
62AUProfile PhotoJulieanne BrewsterCrash (Medium)6
63GBProfile PhotoMegan LloydThe Chocolate Phoenix (Phoenix) (Starter)2
64USProfile PhotoMaura MalloryLily of the Field (Lily) (Starter)2
65USProfile PhotoSarah PendletonMocha (Starter)1
The Horse Agility Liberty Trophy

These are the current placings in the Liberty Trophy competition

Pos. Country Member Name Horse Name Total Points
1DEProfile PhotoKirsten GrönerSabine168
2BEProfile PhotoKay RuymaekersIma Milk and Honeydrop (Honey)142
3USProfile PhotoPamela PetersonRed Man NG (Cash)104
4NZProfile PhotoBev FosterArcadia Farm Lorenzo (Enzo)96
5USProfile PhotoPamela PetersonImperio90
6CAProfile PhotoMara AshbyPrince of Hearts (Prince)86
7AUProfile PhotoAnita PflegerLilija66
8NLProfile PhotoKristy WinckelmansPancake63
9USProfile PhotoRebecca MogielskiWNW Codigo (Koda)60
10USProfile PhotoAngela BelznerStudley56
11CAProfile PhotoChristine ChevrierAbby52
12GBProfile PhotoJo PageCharlie Ray`s Sunshine (Charlie)50
13USProfile PhotoMaggie CasonCurly Joe Starr (Curly Joe) 48
14GBProfile PhotoJo PageKevin Jones (Kevin)47
15NZProfile PhotoTracey AgnewDestiny (Dee)42
16USProfile PhotoMaggie CasonBiggs37
17USProfile PhotoAngela BelznerGracie36
18USProfile PhotoWendy BarrosA Girl Named Squirrel36
19USProfile PhotoMaggie CasonSundance (Dancer)33
20USProfile PhotoMaggie CasonRamblin Little Doc32
21DEProfile PhotoJudith BeierApollo32
22FRProfile PhotoVeronique VieMiro28
23GBProfile PhotoSabrina DoidgePutwell Sidan (Pumpkin)26
24GBProfile PhotoSheila JonesAro24
25GBProfile PhotoKaty HughesMagic Dice (Jac)24
26USProfile PhotoJanet KesterGranadero PRO (Garrow)24
27USProfile PhotoJanet KesterGordy24
28USProfile PhotoMaggie CasonCharlie Horse22
29AUProfile PhotoNoeline CassettariPixie Valley Thumbelina22
30GBProfile PhotoJacki HoneybourneRiverview Inspiration (Neville)22
31USProfile PhotoMaggie CasonMaximillion Moon Pie (Max)21
32AUProfile PhotoKarri NadazdyHillview Tinuviel (Tin Tin)20
33DEProfile PhotoKirsten GrönerHoney Bee`s Jodani20
34NZProfile PhotoClaire PerilliJurosslie Rebels Ragamuffin (Muffin)20
35NLProfile PhotoKristy WinckelmansNugget18
36GBProfile PhotoVictoria ShentonMozart Megatron (Mozart)14
37GBProfile PhotoMelanie GarnerBruno14
38USProfile PhotoMaggie CasonShyAnne12
39AUProfile PhotoKarri NadazdyGlenkery OnceInABlueMoon (Lunar) 12
40GBProfile PhotoLisa HickmanJula Mystical Lady (Lilly)12
41NZProfile PhotoClaire PerilliDreamcatchers LB Buckin Classy (Bucky)12
42USProfile PhotoFaith JorgensonFrisco Lineman (Frisco)12
43GBProfile PhotoLinda JewellGoldenrina Gem (Gem)11
44USProfile PhotoMaggie CasonBreezy11
45USProfile PhotoMaggie CasonSir Prize Cowboy10
46NLProfile PhotoKristy WinckelmansPopcorn (Popje)10
47ESProfile PhotoMaria Paños CorreasAthos8
48USProfile PhotoMaggie CasonToday`s my Lucky Day (Lucky)8
49ATProfile PhotoBarbara ListKiano8
50GBProfile PhotoNicola WinsletCoppice Polestar (Thomas)8
51GBProfile PhotoSabrina DoidgeMisty Lady (Bella)8
52IOMProfile PhotoEmillie LongEquitatio`s Perfect Prince8
53NZProfile PhotoBev FosterSherwood Simply Jack (Jack)8
54GBProfile PhotoJudith AzzopardiDinky Small (Dinky)5
55GBProfile PhotoLouise OxleyTheo (Pocket Rocket)5
56GBProfile PhotoHenri SennBobby (Bob)5
57IOMProfile PhotoEmillie LongSpace Bound (Nova)5
58USProfile PhotoChandra AntonSS Castor (Castor)5
59GBProfile PhotoJudith KnightBlue Cross Jaxx (Jaxxy)5
60GBProfile PhotoGeorgina BlairHuntsmans Amy (Amy)5
61NZProfile PhotoTracy BeaufillIkan Earl of Brunswick (Earl)3
62GBProfile PhotoLucie MitchellGypsy King (Gypsy)3
63AUProfile PhotoLeanne BaxterJohnny Appleseed (Johnny)3
64GBProfile PhotoAuriol ThorneMannog Zips Imagine (Ozzie)1
The Horse Agility Liberty (Walking Only) Trophy

These are the current placings in the Liberty Trophy (Walking Only) competition

Pos. Country Member Name Horse Name Total Points
1CAProfile PhotoRon BurfootDreamer176
2DEProfile PhotoKirsten GrönerAccito 92
3GBProfile PhotoMichele RumseyCharlie74
4GBProfile PhotoSarah JonesPilleybailey Patronus (Patronus)48
5GBProfile PhotoLisa ChawnerOssian40
6GBProfile PhotoMandy NutleyBanjo32
7USProfile PhotoLaura StokkingClouseau (Clou)24
8AUProfile PhotoLeanne BaxterJohnny Appleseed (Johnny)21
9GBProfile PhotoJacki HoneybourneRiverview Inspiration (Neville)16
10GBProfile PhotoSabrina DoidgeMisty Lady (Bella)8
11GBProfile PhotoSabrina DoidgePutwell Sidan (Pumpkin)8
12AUProfile PhotoLeanne BaxterPant on Fire (Drip)6
13GBProfile PhotoBarbara Dreyer-RowlandsFleetmead Sheil (Sheil)6
14GBProfile PhotoVictoria ShentonQuiz2
The Horse Agility Equagility League

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Pos. Country Member Name Horse Name (Current Level) Total Points
1USProfile PhotoIda NorrisLilith T.L. (Lilith) (Advanced)58
2AUProfile PhotoRachel BennettFarmer (First)56
3GBProfile PhotoElaine CoxonRosado II (Rosado) (Advanced1S)53
4USProfile PhotoEv NusicPoco Dell Spark DR (Colby) (Advanced1S)49
5DEProfile PhotoKirsten GrönerSabine (Advanced1S)44
6DEProfile PhotoKirsten GrönerAccito (Advanced1S)43
7CAProfile PhotoDeanna WardSP Isle Be A Dandy (Romeo) (Advanced)39
8USProfile PhotoMary BallardPepping Playboy (Stewie) (Advanced1S)27
9GBProfile PhotoJacki HoneybourneRiverview Inspiration (Neville) (Advanced)27
10GBProfile PhotoFreddie McManusFlick (Advanced1S)27
11IOMProfile PhotoEmillie LongSpace Bound (Nova) (Advanced)26
12GBProfile PhotoLinda JewellGoldenrina Gem (Gem) (Advanced)25
13GBProfile PhotoSabrina DoidgeMisty Lady (Bella) (Medium)21
14GBProfile PhotoKaty HughesMagic Dice (Jac) (Advanced)21
15GBProfile PhotoDenise JonesMy Laddie (Laddie) (Medium)17
16GBProfile PhotoSue FeastShiny Like A Spark (Chispa) (Medium)17
17GBProfile PhotoElizabeth RichardsonVidir von Schluensee (Vidir) (First)15
18GBProfile PhotoLinzie PennChestnut Shadow (Murphy) (Advanced1S)12
19AUProfile PhotoRachel BennettLychee (Starter)9
20ATProfile PhotoSonja KroneisKaliz Golden Ginger (Kali) (Advanced1S)9
21GBProfile PhotoJuliet TomlinsonSelva (Medium)8
22DEProfile PhotoJudith BeierJune (Starter)8
23GBProfile PhotoSabrina DoidgeGrand Star Typhoon (Tyzer) (Starter)6
24FRProfile PhotoVeronique VieMiro (Advanced)6
25GBProfile PhotoSarah JonesPilleybailey Patronus (Patronus) (Advanced1S)5
26ATProfile PhotoPeter Emanuel KociFeels Like On Angel (Angel) (Medium)5
27USProfile PhotoMaggie CasonRamblin Little Doc (Advanced1S)5
28GBProfile PhotoClaire WilliamsMidnight Star (Star) (Medium)5
29GBProfile PhotoBea SeymourJuniper (Juni) (Starter)4
30GBProfile PhotoHenri SennBobby (Bob) (Advanced1S)4
31GBProfile PhotoAlison LawrenceJuniper (Juni) (Medium)4
32GBProfile PhotoKate JacksonSolmyrkvi from Caehaf (Soli) (First)4
33GBProfile PhotoHolly RichardsonWillow (Woo) (Starter)3

How the Horse Agility League works

These are different for each level:

The OLHA League Point Allocation table

Score 100-98 97-95 94-92 91-89 88-86 85-83
Starter +1 bonus 12 pts 8 pts 5 pts 3 pts 2 pts 1 pts
First 24 16 10 6 4 2
Medium 36 24 15 9 6 3
Advanced 48 32 20 12 8 4
Advanced 1 Star 60 40 25 15 10 5
Advanced 2 Star 72 48 30 18 12 6

The Liberty Trophy Point Allocation table

Score 100-98 97-95 94-92 91-89 88-86 85-83
Liberty Bronze 12 pts 8 pts 5 pts 3 pts 2 pts 1 pts
Liberty Silver 24 16 10 6 4 2
Liberty Gold 36 24 15 9 6 3
Liberty Platinum 48 32 20 12 8 4

The Equagility League Point Allocation table

Score 100-98 97-95 94-92 91-89 88-86 85-83
Red 6 pts 5 pts 4 pts 3 pts 2 pts 1 pts
Orange 7 6 5 4 3 2
Yellow 8 7 6 5 4 3
Green 9 8 7 6 5 4
Blue 10 9 8 7 6 5
Indigo 11 10 9 8 7 6
Violet 12 11 10 9 8 7

**Liberty is open to anyone at any level. The league points awarded for each place will be as per the Team level, so if an Advanced competitor comes First he will get 48 points, if it’s a Starter level they get 13.


All the total scores and league points are collated and published on the websites and social media pages worldwide so that at any time competitors can see where they are placed in the league both Internationally and within their own country. In the event of a league points tie the cumulative scores are taken into consideration.


When places tie, the points for the tied places are divided between the competitors.


For example 2 people tie for first place.The points for first place are added to the points for second place and divided by two.So if two people tie for first place at Medium level the points for first (36) are added to the second place points (24) which gives a total (60) which is then divided between the two competitors giving them the same score (30).


If the split result is a fraction then the result is rounded up.In the event of a tie at the end of the year league the cumulative scores for each competition are taken to account.


If there is still a tie the number of wins in that season are taken into account.