Horse Agility Club Ambassadors

Horse Agility Club Ambassadors

Our Horse Agility Club Ambassadors are available to help you orientate with the sport in your own region of the world. Introduced in 2024, our long term competitors have lived and breathed the sport and are well placed to help you develop your knowledge and local network

Australasian Ambassador Claire Perilli

My name is Claire and I have been competing in Horse Agility since 2016. Horse Agility is my passion, I love the excitement of downloading the new month’s course, sometimes wondering how I am ever going to manage the more difficult obstacles, then with practice, my ponies and I find a way. It’s a thrill.

People often remark on the connection between myself and my horses and I have horse agility to thank for that. Working through the obstacles together, finding which approach works best for each individual horse, has created a deep bond between us. The horse agility family is a kind, supportive one, offering advice, celebrating successes. Each and every person puts their horses’ well being first.

My Horse Agility journey began when I came across Vanessa Bee’s The Horse Agility Handbook in my local library. Who would have thought then that I would go on to win On-line World Champion 3 times, in 2019, 2021 and 2023, Runner Up Liberty World Champion in 2019, be the first person in the world to complete all 10 certificate courses, be the first Horse Agility Accredited Trainer in New Zealand, and now Horse Agility’s first Ambassador for this incredible sport

My Facebook page, IQ Equine, documents not only life with my horses but also my Horse Agility training, with some useful tips and tricks for anyone interested.