Extra Course Results May 2024

A huge well done to all our youngsters!!


Young Horse

1.Cheryl Van Herk and Miles  60/60

2.Iris Weijenberg and Kelpie  58/60

3.Catherine Tuke and Balvattie Seamus (Oak)  55/60

4.Chanda Boylen and Snickers  54/60



1.Roy Blake and Al Calpony  60/60

1.Kacie Bray and Mr. Rainbow Sprinkles   60/60

1.Abigail Gaynier and GTR Come Dance With Me (Mimi)  60/60

1.Isabelle Coutable and Juniper  60/60

2.Eira Bate and Sweep  59/60

2.Kenzie Thom and Notch Mountain  59/60

2.Gillie Belk and Mr. Oreo  59/60

2.Radha Foulds and Misty  59/60

2.Abigail Gaynier and Koko Fomo  59/60

3.Okalani Sanchez and Gypsy   58/60

3.Sophia Hutchinson and Sirhowy Sirvan  58/60

3.Kenzie Thom and Moonlight Dancer (Hank)   58/60

4.Sophia Muzzy and Haven  57/60

4.Bannor McEwen and Solstice 57/60

4.Molly Mahatzke and Enigmatic Equinox (Shadow)  57/60

4.Alice and Tinkerbell  57/60

5.Zoe Schweyer and Arana  54/60