Horse Agility Club FAQs

Becoming a member

Can I have a look at sample courses before I join?

Yes there are sample courses available at many of the levels so that you can see what sort of things you might have to do to complete a course.

Go to the Results and leagues tab at the top of the webpage.

Select Monthly competition courses from the drop down menu.

A list of courses at all the levels come up.

Under a some of them you will see a Sample course button, click on this and you are able to view a past course.

Becoming a Horse Agility Accredited Trainer (HAAT)

How can I become a Horse Agility Accredited Trainer (HAAT)?

There are two ways of becoming an Accredited Trainer:

You can work your way through the Ten level Certificate course, here’s the link with information about the course:


You join The Horse Agility Club and start competing by video on line.

You need to reach Advanced One Star Level in The Horse Agility Club Competitions.

That you are competing at Gold level liberty classes with consistent scores above 95 points.

That you have been teaching horsemanship/riding/equestrian pursuits for at least two years.

That you have an established client base

That you have an established and active website or Facebook page.

That you are insured to teach these horsemanship skills or an indemnity form that is acceptable in your country.

That you can provide three references from students.

We also ask for a short film showing you teaching a human and horse student a task that we will set for you.

You will also be asked to complete one written exercise on how you would approach the training of a handler and horse over a new obstacle.

What are the Horse Agility Certificate courses?

There are Ten levels in the certificate Programme.

Each Level consists of four sections:

Section 1 is a series of foundation exercises.
Section 2 is a (in the early levels) a simple multiple choice quiz to get the student thinking.
Section 3 is a 10 obstacle Horse Agility course to complete.
Section 4 has a choice of three Challenges to complete.

There is a dedicated Forum in which you can ask questions, advice and videos from Students who have already completed the course.

Of course I am here to help on a one to one basis or through the Forum with any particular issues. The Levels 1 to 10 are designed to build skills and knowledge so students have found they are able to get started very easily and build on the knowledge as they progress.

Level One is a simple introduction but as we go through the levels we introduce faster work, more accuracy and then of course onto liberty.

It is suitable for any training method as Horse Agility supports all methods that are horse centred, so natural horsemanship, clicker training, western all are acceptable.

At the end of each level the Student receives detailed feedback (which is always open to discussion), a certificate and an embroidered badge plus their profile is enhanced by the level 1 Certificate icon. Many people have signed up to work towards becoming a HAAT (a Horse Agility Accredited Trainer), in the past this has only be possible through the competitions.

The time to complete is entirely up to the student. Some people have completed Level 1 in a matter of days, others are still refining their work after a month, there is no time limit.

The main difference in working through the Certificate course and the On Line competitions is the lack of competition. We have a number of people who have no wish to be part of a competitive process and simply want to work on their horsemanship and this was the catalyst for the courses.


If I sign up as an Unlimited member, is there really no limit to how many competition I can enter?

There’s no limit! Unlimited members can enter as many competitions as they like, with as many Equines as they have registered with the club.

How do I upload a video to the monthly competitions?

It’s very simple, just upload your video to and include the address as part of your submission.

You’ll need to create free account with Google or YouTube. We also recommend you either set your video to ‘Public’ or ‘Not Listed’

How old does a horse have to be before he can compete?

Horses must be at least 2 years old to compete but may start his training much earlier.

If I compete in the OLHA! Starter course and get promoted in the middle of the month, can I compete at First Level at the end of that month?

Yes! For example if you compete in the March/April Starter OLHA! competition and gain 12 or more points you are promoted to First Level so, if you feel ready, you can compete in the March First level competition for which entries close at the end of the month.