Compete Without Leaving Home

You can compete from anywhere in the world, be entered in the Worldwide Online Horse Agility (OHLA!) League and win ribbons and prizes


Build the Course

Every month we post Horse Agility Courses on this site that you can easily recreate at home.These range from ‘on lead line’ and liberty to ridden courses



Film yourself and your Equine companion completing the course set for the current month. This can come done on a video camera or mobile phone.

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Send us your video and we’ll judge it against 100’s of other entries from around the world. We’ll send you feedback so you can improve and your position in that class and the global league.

They said it would never work!

The idea that we could ‘play with horses as if the were dogs. We were getting them to jump without a rider, climb steep ramps, go through tunnels and weave at canter through slaloms while doing a flying changes – just like in Dog Agility!

Equagility: riding without a bridle

If anyone had said to me thirty years ago that I would one day be able to ride without a bridle I would have laughed – bridles are for stopping horses, aren’t they?

What is liberty and why would I want to do it?

In the horse world, liberty is when a horse and handler work together with no lead rope.It can look very impressive if done well, the horse responding to cues given by the handler and moving freely with him.

What is Horse Agility?

Horse Agility is a fast exciting way to have fun with your horse without having to ride him.

It’s great for horses that are unable to be ridden for behavioural or physical reasons,young horses in preparation for ridden work, ponies that are too small or too young for the owner to ride or for people who can’t or don’t want to ride or just want to do something completely different with their horse.

It gives everyone the chance to interact with their horse without having to ride or spend hours preparing their horse for showing classes.

Just like dog agility the horse completes a course of obstacles sometimes on a lead rope and sometimes running free.

Introducing Horse Agility Club Certificate Courses

The International Horse Agility Club has developed a ten level Certificate course just for you – and you don’t even need to leave home to do it!