Any Other Animal Results May/June

Well done to all animals and humans! Banner photo this month is Jacki and Stanley.

1.Ineke Keough and Lulu (Dog) 59/60 

2.Erin Frank and Raven (Dog) – 57/60

2.Jacki Honeybourne and Stanley (Dog) – 57/60

2.Sarah Mahatzke and Winnie (Dog) – 57/60 

2.Sarah Jones and Thiea (Dog) – 57/60 

3.Kaylin Dever and Outlaw (Dog) – 55/60

3.Emillie Long and Kipper (Dog) – 55/60 

4.Noeline Cassettari and Beanie (Sheep) – 54/60 

5.Molly Mahatzke and Pepper (Dog) – 53/60

6.Nina Fuller and Raven (Dog) – 51/60 


  1. Jacki Honeybourne

    Oh how thrilled am I to see dear Stanley-Pup in the Banner Photo! He’s such a sweetheart & he maybe out of action accompanying me & Neville on all our adventures over the next few weeks as he’s having a nasty op done in his mouth. Thank you to all those behind the scenes that enable our sport to take place. 🩷