10 in 20…ARE YOU READY?

10 in 20

Are you ready to take the challenge and win Horse Agility Jackets and limited edition flags with rosettes for all?

As a celebration of ten years of The Horse Agility Club we have designed the ultimate challenge, ten obstacles in twenty days!

Open to all and FREE to members of The Horse Agility Club.

For the first ten days of December the Club will publish one obstacle each day with instructions on how to build and complete it. The trickiest obstacles will be revealed first to give everyone time to practice.

You then have ten more days to build the whole course and video the handler and the equine completing all the obstacles one after the other and send it in.

Full instructions on where and how to enter the video will be published on day eleven.

The entries must be in by midnight on 20th December 2019.


Each challenge will be made available daily for the 1st 10 days of December


  1. Melanie Garner

    Loving this, I either grown loudly, squeak in delight because I can do it or die laughing as know it will be a massive challenge! I know what my clients feel like now! It just has to stop raining long enough to film it

  2. Sheri Pederson

    to be clear, the only things I see directional arrows on are the figure 8 and the S bend. In others, direction is up to the handler (left or right turns for hoops and tarp) ?