Dedicated Dinks Winners 2023

Dedicated to Dinks is our commitment to training award for 2023. The teams below managed to turn up no matter what the weather and life was doing and enter a class every month for the whole year. Well done to all our teams!

  1. Emillie Long and Rexelle
  2. Emillie Long and Spacebound
  3. Melanie Garner and Bruno
  4. Lucy Garner and Bruno
  5. Gemma Wilkinson and Mickey Mouse
  6. Gemma Wilkinson and Saxon Warrior
  7. Jen Birtchnell and Zephyr
  8. Jen Birtchnell and Finn
  9. Erin Baldwin and Peanut
  10. Erin Baldwin and Hopscotch
  11. Erin Baldwin and Luckey
  12. Erin Baldwin and Abbeydance
  13. Alex Baldwin and Juno
  14. Sue Hale and Lady
  15. Pat Aslund and Diva
  16. Shelley Mottershead and Tiz
  17. Gail Webb and Lyndhurst Robbie (Spotty Bear)
  18. Claire Williams and Midnight Star
  19. Sharron Camp and Townend Eva
  20. Amy Tilt and Rangeview Lolita (Lolli)
  21. Denise Jones and My Laddie
  22. Henri Senn and Bob
  23. Emma Cattermole and SD India
  24. Rebecca Mogielski and WNW Codigo
  25. Claire Perilli and Jurosslie Rebels Ragamuffin
  26. Claire Perilli and Dreamcatchers LB Buckin Classy
  27. Linda Jewell and Goldenrina Gem
  28. Anita Pfleger and Lilja
  29. Jacki Honeybourne and Neville
  30. Sheila Jones and Aro
  31. Emily McManus and Leo
  32. Freddie McManus and Flick
  33. Lisa Hickman and Jula Mystical Lady (Lilly)
  34. Lisa Hickman and Elvet Peace Lily (Autumn)
  35. Kirsten Gröner and Honey Bee’s Jodani
  36. Kirsten Gröner and Sabine
  37. Kirsten Gröner and Accito
  38. Nick Mckay and Gott Probate (Proby)
  39. Maura Mallory and Hey Mikey He Likes It
  40. Kate Jackson and Aran
  41. Kate Jackson and Soli
  42. Sue Feast and Chispa
  43. Christine Chevrier and Abby
  44. Lucie Mitchell and Baron’s Brave Music
  45. Julie Wood and Yabudarra Oliver
  46. Tracey Agnew and Destiny
  47. Maggie Cason and Breezy
  48. Maggie Cason and Max
  49. Maggie Cason and Doc
  50. Maggie Cason and Biggy
  51. Maggie Cason and Cowboy
  52. Maggie Cason and ShyAnne
  53. Maggie Cason and Charlie Horse
  54. Jo Page and Kevin Jones
  55. Jo Page and Charlie Ray’s Sunshine
  56. Mara Ashby and Prince of Hearts
  57. Sabrina Doidge and Misty Lady
  58. Sabrina Doidge and Putwell Sidan
  59. Sarah Jones and Pilleybailey Patronus
  60. Michele Rumsey and Charlie
  61. Lisa Chawner and Ossian
  62. Linzie Penn and Chestnut Shadow
  63. Mary Ballard and Pepping Playboy (Stewie)
  64. Ida Norris and Lilith T.L
  65. Rachel Bennett and Farmer
  66. Deanna Ward and Romeo
  67. Eira Bate and Poppy
  68. Norah Doherty and Charlie
  69. Kendra Gale and Boudica

Dedicated Dinks Rosette This award is available to any member and equine pairing who enter one competition per month for all 12 months of the year. It is to reward consistent training and dedication to the sport. All On-Line, Liberty, Junior, Young Horse and Equagility classes count and a handler can be issued this award with multiple equines. The Dedicated Dinks 2023 purple rosettes will be awarded at the end of the 2023 season and posted to any eligible pairing.

The award is named after Shenstone Shooting Star. Horse Agility Accredited Trainer, Melanie Garners Welsh Section D mare. Dinks competed at Advanced 1* and was the star of many of Heart Felt Horses “10 things to do with…” obstacle tuition videos. Mel says….”Dinks loved her Horse Agility and took part right up until her 30th year and we were able to move to walk only classes as they were required” Dinks, a former Veteran Champion and Equagility Reserve Champion continued to obstacle test for Mel even after retiring from the monthly competitions. Horse Agility kept a bright and strongly minded Welshie engaged for many years and come rain or shine this wonderful partnership were out training and filming. We are honoured to offer this award in Dinks’ memory of a wonderful and committed partnership.

If you are expecting to see your team here, and it isn’t, please email the club as we humans are collating this award!


  1. Emillie Long

    Well done everyone, I’m thrilled to have completed this with 2 of my 3, including 2yr old Rexelle who arrived pretty much unhandled and certainly not understanding how to lead in Dec 2022 and has come such a long way this year.
    Huge well done to Maggie Cason on completing with 7!!! Equines ????????

    1. Maggie Cason

      Thank you Emillie! I started with 10 and life intervened with three of them. Next year, I hope all my horses are strong and healthy for the entire year!

  2. Lisa Hickman

    Thank you for running this award. It definitely kept me motivated throughout mud, rain, wind and a broken wrist. So proud of my girls and honoured to be part of this wonderful club. Bring on 2024!

  3. Pat Aslund

    Wow, Congratulations to all you dedicated teams. Thank you to the club for including my disqualified entry into the tally. I’m keeping a closer watch on my level now LOL. It was a really good idea to honour Dinks memory.

  4. Kendra Gale

    This award kept me going after Little Duke’s career ending lameness in February. We’d entered every single month for nearly three years together, and it would’ve been easy to take a prolonged break after I got the news that he wouldn’t be sound enough again. But I’d entered my 6 month old foal, Boudica, in Young Horse in January, and I just kept entering her. As the year went on, I regained my enthusiasm and entered lots of other horses as well, but Dedicated Dinks kept me motivated when the going got tough, thanks!