The Highland Park Liberty Memorial Award

The Horse Agility Club is delighted to announce the winner of this prestigious award:
Nancy Ingalls and Magnetic Attraction (Woody) of Prince Edward Island, Canada

With a very special mention to
Maggie Cason and Biggs (Biggy) of Colorado, USA


Highland Park, a Morgan horse, was born on 23rd March 1994 and was the first horse ever to be registered with The Horse Agility Club in February 2009. Highland just loved playing at liberty and that is how Brenda would like to honour her memory: 

‘I would like to remember Highland on her birthday each year for the next 10 years by donating £20 to an environmental charity, chosen from a list, by an HA club member and their equine who work at liberty in a very special way.

I would like the emphasis to be on joy, enthusiasm and safety, not accuracy…so open to those pairs where the horse might do things in their own sweet individual way and, perhaps as Highland used to do, go off and do an obstacle again without being asked!’

 The winner will receive the title Highland Park Liberty Memorial Award plus a certificate. There will be no rosette, only a virtual one, which coincides with Brenda’s wishes on ecological grounds.


  1. Brenda Kent

    It give me great pleasure to offer my warmest congratulations to Nancy and Woody, and to Maggie and Biggy too. And thank you Vanessa for taking this idea up so enthusiastically. xx

    1. Nancy Ingalls

      What a wonderful surprise to wake up to this morning. Woody is a Free Spirit for sure and his theme song would be “I did it my way”! Thank you Brenda a lovely way to celebrate the memory of Highland.

  2. Maggie Cason

    Wow! Thank you so very much! That is an honor to even be mentioned! A huge congratulations to Nancy Ingalls and Woody. That is a wonderful award to receive! Good job!

  3. Brenda Kent

    Just sent a donation in memory of Highland to Friends of the Earth International the charity chosen by Nancy. Having horses brings us into contact with nature and gives us a particular perspective on our place in it. We are aware of the seasons, the grass growing and the sugars rising, the odd plants that pop up in our pastures and that we need to identify, the birds overhead and even the dung beetles busy doing their bit for waste disposal. I think it is very natural for us to want to be true friends of the earth. Delighted that Nancy chose this charity. xxx

  4. Morgan Baca

    It’s always such a treat to get to see the horses that we are honoring. The ones we have lost are never forgotten. Congratulations Nancy.

  5. Leslie Clough

    Congratulations Nancy & Woody and Maggie & Biggy! The essence of having fun and seeing where horses lead us. ?