Our Brand New Website

Mobile Optimised and New Design
Dating back to 2011, our previous website was starting to show its age. When we first launched the club, the vast majority of our members used their desktop computers to access our website, now the opposite is true and mobile phones and tablets are now the preferred method. Our new website accommodates this change by providing a design which is fully optimised and compatible for mobile, tablet and desktop devices.

Visit the new Social Hub here

New Online Shop
The new club shop is now fully integrated into the main website, meaning you can use one account to access the social hub, enter our monthly competitions and purchase equipment, DVDs and books.

Certificate Courses
The International Horse Agility Club has developed a ten level Certificate course just for you – and you don’t even need to leave home to do it!

This series of courses builds into an assessment programme that gently stretches you and your horse to greater things as you work your way through.

Monthly Competition Entries and Automated Credits
The process of purchasing additional credits has now been fully automated, meaning as soon as credits are purchased via PayPal they are available to use immediately for entering out monthly competitions.

If you are an existing member, your previous credit balance has already been migrated to the new site.

Why do I appear to have more credits than before?

In order to standardise the process, £1 is equal to 1 credit. The cost of a competition entry has not changed. However, where previously 1 credit worth £5 would have been deducted, now 5 credits still adding up to £5 in total will be deducted.

For this reason, although your new account will appear to have 5 times as many credits as before, the monetary value is the same.

If you spot an error in your migrated balance, please contact the club office via this form.

During this beta testing phase of the website transition, which will last two weeks from Saturday 23rd March, we encourage members to try out all aspects of the new website. This includes entering our monthly OLHA!, Liberty and Equagility competitions, during this period we will accept entries from both current and this beta website.

Enhanced profiles
New cover images, enhanced Results page and an around better experience are just some of the improvements we made to this area of the site.

As part of the migration process we’ve brought across updates and discussions but not profile photos.

  • Now is a great opportunity to try adding a new profile photo and cover image
  • You may also wish to add you full name to the ‘Base’ profile it it doesn’t automatically appear and you see you username instead

Please let us know of any issues during this beta phase of the website transition.