March Extra Course Results


A huge well done to all of our human and equine youngsters. Fantastic work this month!


1.Zoe Schweyer and Arana  59/60

2.Grace Micic and Mocha 58/60

3.Norah Doherty and Charlie  57/60

3.Leona Krzizike and Mocha 57/60

3.Faith Micic and Mocha 57/60

3.Emma Marcou and Pearl  57/60

4.Cassidy Copenhaver and Shadow Lake Mini Pearl  56/60

4.Sophie Chambliss and Nutmeg  56/60

4.Addyson Wurges and Sugar  56/60

5.Zoey Theison and Mocha 55/60

5.Jackson Theison and Freckles Chex Kid (Solo)  55/60

5.Ethan Micic and Mocha 55/60

5.Elouise Hemenway and Harley 55/60

6.Eira Bate and Poppy  54/60

6.Ciarra Pendleton and Mocha  54/60


Young Horse

1.Caitlin Calcari and Haven  58/60

2.Jen Birtchnell and Zephyr  57/60

3.Kendra Gale and Boudica  55/60

4.Daniel Hall and Rexelle  53/60

5.Emillie Long and Rexelle  51/60