Extra course Results September/October

Long Reining


1.Lisa Hickman and Jula Mystical Lady 60/60 PS

1.Lisa Hickman and Elvet Peace Lily 60/60 PS

2.Kirsten Groner and Honey Bee’s Jodani  59/60

3.Julie Wood and Yabudarra Oliver 58/60

4.Linda Jewel and Goldenrina Gem 57/60


Mystery Course


1.Kirsten Groner and Sabine 50/50 PS

2.Mary Ballard and Pepping Playboy  49/50

2.Lisa Hickman and Elvet Peace Lily  49/50

2.Kirsten Groner and Honey Bee’s Jodani  49/50

3.Lisa Hickman and Jula Mystical Lady 48/50

3.Amanda Cowsill and Shadow 48/50


Junior Course


1.Zoe Schweyer and Arana 60/60 PS

1.Megan Adams-King and Juniper 60/60 PS

1.Holly Richardson Willow  60/60 PS

2.Bea Seymour and Bryn 59/60

3.Isobel Peto and Kallie  58/60

4.Abigail Corrow and Sugar  50/60

4.Cassidy Copenhaver  and Pearl 50/60

5.Elouise Hemenway and Bianca 49/60

5.Addyson Wurges and Sugar 49/60

5.Mackenzie Merkel and Pecan  49/60

6.Emma Marcou and Valentine of Fame 48/60

7.Randi Herrera and Choklit  47/60


Young Horses


1.Jen Birtchnell and Zephyr 58/60

2.Cathryn Burrows and Lila  57/60