December Extra Course Results

Young Horses and young people RESULTS!


Young Horses


1.Jen Birtchnell and Zephyr  58/60

2.Caitlin Calcari and Haven 56/60

3.Emily Long and Rexelle 51/60


Junior Level


1.Sophia Chambliss and Nutmeg 60/60

2.Zoe Schweyer and Arana 59/60

2.Cassidy Copenhaver and Pearl 59/60

3.Elouise Hemenway and Bianca  58/60

3.Elouise Hemenway and Angel 58/60

3.Abigail Corrow and Cheerios 58/60

3.Okalani and Gypsy  58/60

4.Mackenzie Merkel and Angel 57/60

4.Mackenzie Merkel and Pecan 57/60

4.Emma Marcou and Pearl 57/60

5.Abigail Corrow and Sugar 56/60