Mid Month Results for Extra Classes

All the results for the mid month Extra classes are here:

Long reining

1.Lisa Hickman and Elvet Peace Lilly 59/60

2.Kirsten Groner and Honey Bees Jodani 58/60

2.Lisa Hickman and Jula Mystical Lady  58/60

2.Jennifer Stubler and Bounty be Tasty  58/60

3.Denise Baldry and Redwings Maggie 57/60

3.Barbara Wilfinger-Schneider and Bella Donna Lolitta 57/60

3.Elaine Coxon and Rosado II  57/60

Mystery Course

1.Kirsten Groner and Honey Bee’s Jodani  60/60 PS

1.Lisa Hickman and Jula Mystical Lady  60/60 PS

1.Lisa Hickman and Elvet Peace Lily  60/60 PS

2.Lucie Mitchell and Baron’s Brave Music 58/60

3.Jo Hickford and Biscuit 57/60

Junior Course

1.Abigail Hight and Pearl  60/60

2.Emma Miller and Cinnamon  59/60

2.Brady Mae Hight and Pearl  59/60

2.Ella Cassidy and Jack 59/60

3.Sophie Thomason and Louie  58/60

3.Abigail Corrow and Sugar  58/60

Young Horses

1.Kendra Gale and Sparkle  59/60

Any other Animal Agility

1.Debbie Monk and Flower (Turkey) 60/60 PS

2.Kendra Gale and Chandler (Goat) 59/60

2.Debbie Monk and Gook (Turkey) 59/60

2.Sarah Jones and Beatrix Potter (Dog) 59/60

2.Ella Cassidy and Nellie (Dog) 59/60

3.Sarah Jones and Nala Bear (Dog) 58/60

3.Ella Cassidy and Mr. Todd (dog)  58/60