They said it would never work!

Vanessa Bee, founder of Horse Agility and The International Horse Agility Club, tells us about her new idea!

It’s ten years since I came up with the idea that would never work.

The idea that we could ‘play with horses as if the were dogs. We were getting them to jump without a rider, climb steep ramps, go through tunnels and weave at canter through slaloms while doing a flying changes – just like in Dog Agility!

One day a curious journalist called me…

‘What is this ridiculous idea? Dog Agility with horses? It’s madness, it’ll never catch on. Next thing you’ll be trying to jump them through hoops..’

‘We are already are,’ I replied, ‘and fire and completely freely with no lead rope attached!’

I could tell she didn’t believe me so I sent her some photos, then she believed me!

That was way back at the beginning and now thousands of people worldwide are having fun with Horse Agility, dog agility but with horses…what a great idea!

Well here’s the next idea:


We all have a small menagerie wandering around our horse yards, chickens, cats, rats, dogs, llamas…the list goes on and they often turn up in the On line Video Competitions joining in with the horses, so why not let them have their moment of fame and fun?!

Through our well established on line video competition network you can compete from anywhere in the world, and remember you can enter ANY animal!

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