OLHA! is 10 years old!

Online Horse Agility is a whole decade old! Wow! Where did that go?!
In February 2011 The Horse Agility Club set up its very first online Horse Agility (OLHA) competition.
The very first entry was from Shelley Newton-Carter of Scotland.
When Vanessa Bee watched it she knew that the online video competitions were going to be something special. People and their horses happily competing at home without stress and with lots of time to practice without compromising their horsemanship.
Shelley has kindly allowed us to share this very first video of vintage Horse Agility! Enjoy



  1. Mandy Nutley

    Congratulations Vanessa (and the OLHA team). Horse Agility is brilliant for us and our equines, whether we choose/are able to enter the competitions or not. So many positives in so many ways. And Thankyou to Shelley for sharing her video of her beautiful horse.