May/June Mid Month Extra Course Results

Mystery course


1Kirsten Groner and Honey Bee’s Jodani 60/60

2Anita Pfleger and Lilja  57/60

2Gill Richardson and World Horse Welfare Polo  57/60

3Elizabeth Richardson and Vidir von Schluensee  55/60

4Lucie Mitchell and Baron’s Brave Music  51/60


Long Reining Course


1Kirsten Groner and Honey Bee’s Jodani  79/80

1Lisa Hickman and Jula Mystical Lady (Lilly)  79/80

2Ida Norris and Lilith T.L 78/80

2Donna Varga and Mardi Gras  78/80

3Gerry Barker and Hobbit  76/80

4Donna Varga and Matilda  75/80


Young Equines Course


1Lucy Cockrem and Lottie 78/80

1Teresa Riley and Calijah  78/80

1Kendra Gale and Sparkle 78/80

2Cathryn Burrows and Charlie 77/80

3Kristy Wincklemans and Havana Destiny (Jelly Bean)  73/80

3Chantal Rosmuller and Lambins Jerommeke van de Walschot 73/80

4Cathryn Burrows and Pendan Desray  72/80

5Tracy Beaufill and Bayview Reigns Upper Class  71/80




Junior Class


1Teresa O Brien and Ghost  79/80

1Lucia O Brien and Ghost  79/80

1Abigail Hight and Pearl  79/80

2James Duncan and Pearl  78/80

2Dean Duncan and Ghost  78/80

3Brady Mae Hight  and Pearl  77/80

3Freya Chawner and Ossian  77/80

4Charlotte Wilson and Ash  75/80