Donkey and Mule League – Update 06/06/23

Donkey and Mule League


Judith Azzopardi and Dinky M 36

Katy Hughes and Buttons D 18

Sheila Linley and Dotty M 12

Sheila Linley and Spartacus M 6

Sheila Linley and Molly M 6

Michelle Sweeten and Lucy M 6


WO On-line

Mandy Nutley and Banjo D 84

Mandy Nutley and Flute D 20

Mandy Nutley and Handsome D 9

Maura Mallory and Lily of the field D 1



Wendy Barros and Squirrel M 36

Judith Azzopardi and Dinky M 5


WO Liberty

Mandy Nutley and Banjo  D 32


Well done team long ears, keep it up! If you spot any errors please let us know!