April Extra Course Results

Congratulations to all of our young humans and young horses on their April entries – all brilliant!

Photo credit – Caroline Lawrence and Oak


Junior Course

1.Randi Herrera and Gypsy   48/50

2.Zoe Schweyer and Arana  47/50

3.Elouise Hemenway and Harley  46/50

3.Addyson Wurges and Sugar  46/50

4.Leona Krzizike and Mocha  45/50

5.Isobel Peto and Kallie  44/50

5.Norah Doherty and Charlie  44/50

6.Eira Bate and Poppy  43/50

7.Amy Sweeten and Abigail  42/50

7.Sophia Chambliss and Nutmeg  42/50


Young Horse

1.Jen Birtchnell and Zephyr  49/50

2.Caitlin Calcari and Haven  48/50

3.Cathryn Burrows and Lila  46/50

3.Kendra Gale and Boudica  46/50

4.Caroline Lawrence and Oak  45/50

5.Emillie Long and Rexelle  44/50