The Horse Agility Non Ridden Equine Competition Results

Thank you to everyone who purchased an entry into the special Non Ridden Equine Competition organised by The Horse Agility Club to celebrate The Non Ridden Equine Weekend on 1st and 2nd May.

We sold 97 entries, so raising £485.00 for the Non Ridden Equine Association.


There were 71 entries from 11 countries into the competition helping to raise awareness that Non Ridden doesn’t mean non-competitive.

We are so grateful for your support and so are our Non Ridden equines who need all of us to promote their value as individuals, as companions and competitive partners if that is something we want to do.




Non Ridden Equine Competition Results



1.Kirsten Groner Honey Bee’s Jodani DE 100

2.Emily McManus Aztec Leonado  ENG 98

2.Ev Nusic Colby US 98

3.Lucie Mitchel Baron’s Brave Music  ENG 97

3.Lisa hickman Lilly  ENG 97

3.Katy Downing Waverhead Ted ENG 97

3.Maggie Cason Sundance US 97

4.Nancy Ingalls Magnetic Attraction 96 CA 96

4.Jenny Bell Pharaoh  WALES 96

4.Hannah Peters Elliot CA 96

4.Mark Belshaw Derryglogher Chewbacca IRL 96

4.Ev Nusic Rookie US 96

4.Claire Gillies Quince SCO 96

4.Kerry Pegg Dolly ENG 96

4.Lynn Acton Brandy US 96

5.Lisa Hickman Autumn ENG 95

5.Jo Hickford Biscuit ENG 95

5.Laura Stokking Spyder US 95

6.Kerry Pegg Arimist ENG 94

6.Rachel Bennett Jurl AU 94

6.Rachel Bennett Farmer AU 94

6.Anita Pfleger Lilja AU 94

6.Jane Armstrong Lancaster Light Hearted Whizz ENG 94

6.Jenny Allport Bakeburn Juliette  ENG 94

6.Pamela Peterson Cash US 94

6.Jenny Bell Bandit WALES 94

7.Beth Smith Moe CA 93

7.Elizabeth Richardson WHW Polo ENG 93

7.Ruth Mueller Chili CH  93

7.Nicola Winslet Harry ENG 93

8.Lorraine O Keefe Tom ENG 92

8.Team Parker-Groom Dinky 2 ENG 92

8.Ruth MacKay Bonnie ENG 92

8.Rachel Mackenzie Caspar  ENG 92

8.Michelle Beck Henburyvale Molly ENG 92

9.Amanda Bettesworth Jerry  AU 91

9.Catriona Harris Artemis ENG 91

10.Kate McLaughlin Thunder  US 90

10.Caroline Lawrence Dublin Miley  ENG 90

10.Sheri Pederson Largo US 90

10.Kathy Boettcher Tequila  US 90

10.Mara Ashby Prince of Hearts  CA 90

10.Nicola Ravensford Teton Spirit Horse ENG 90

10.Elizabeth Reynolds Mindyourown Biznes US 90

11.Louise Janaway Sammy  ENG 89

11.Gesine Jimenez Martinez Diesel NOR 89

11.Maura Mallory Unique Takin a Chance US 89

12.William Garceau Wilbur US 88

12.Lynn Carter Midas Touch ENG 88

12.Elizabeth Velasco Listen to Me US  88

12.Patricia Yanuzzi Lightning US 88

12.Mary Biggs Severnvale Krystal ENG 88

12.Laci Pounds Lily  US 88

12.Pamela Peterson Imperio do Summerwind US 88

12.Alyson Devonshire Chyvounder Last Tango ENG 88

12.Elizabeth Reynolds Ciscos Dirty Blonde US 88

13.Emillie Long Massive Junior IoM 87

13.Sally Walker Mungo ENG 87

14.Jan Tucker Kilate Estrella ENG 86

14.Lucy Wild Badger ENG 86

15.Kate Deeming Cloud ENG 85

16.Holly Salt Sandy  ENG 84

16.Hayley Wild Henry ENG 84

17.Sophie Cox Sandy  ENG 83

18.Donna Chaney Chaos ENG 82

18.Jan Tucker Nantllesg Paddy ENG 82

19.Hayley Wild Millie ENG 81

19.Emily Patmore Crystal ENG 81

20.Carys Hampson Frank ENG 80

21.Jane Heeley Bailey ENG 79