And the 2021 Awards keep coming!

We are delighted to announce that we have four more awards to announce for 2021.

Firstly the Itzy Bitzy Walk Only Award

Angela Wilson who won both the Walk Only league and Walk Only Liberty League with Itzy Bitzy honours this wonderful pony, who passed away in 2019, with a special Walk Only award which recognises hard work, effort and improvement in a pair who could compete only at Walk.

The 2021 winner is Debbie Monk and Waunoris Sea Hawk GB

And secondly the

Mousey Memorial Veteran Awards

On Lead Line Sally Tweston and Candy’s Baron (Barry) US  (25 years)

Liberty Ruth Muller and Chili CH (25 years)

Equagility Kirsten Groner and Accito DE (22 years)

A memorial to a wonderful pony, Mousey, who was destroyed while in perfect health because she was ‘too old’. We believe that all equines deserve a dignified and healthy old age and will continue to support our older equine (and human) members of the Club.






  1. Ruth Müller

    What a great honour for Chili and me to receive the Mousie Memorial Award, as it stands for the value of our precious older equines. The ending to Mousie’s story is heartbreakingly sad and also shows how important it is to stand by and help our aged friends. Thank you so much, dear Vanessa, for everything you do in order to improve the welfare of the horse.