Updated Donkey and Mule League


Donkey and Mule League Updated 3/3/22



On Line


Ellen Cochrane Inara  132

Judith Azzopardi Dinky  26

Wendy Barros A Girl Named Squirrel  20

Sandra Tudor Ivor 6



Walk Only On Line


Nora Bateman Maude  26

Nora Bateman Coco 23

Mandy Nutley Handsome 9

Nora Bateman Stanley 9

Mandy Nutley Charlie 9

Sandra Tudor Bilbo 6

Nora Bateman Mabel Brooke 6

Nora Bateman Charlie 4

Nora Bateman Charlotte 4




Ellen Cochrane  Inara 84

Wendy Barros A Girl Named Squirrel 33

Lorraine Hayes Milly  8

Sue Kelly Sarah 3



Walk Only Liberty


Mandy Nutley Banjo  24

Nora Bateman Gertie  18

Mandy Nutley  Handsome 17

Sue Kelly Samson 5