Any Other Animal Results September/October 2023

Wow, what a wonderful number of entries! Fantastic to see so many people and animals joining in! Huge well done to everyone!


1.Kendra Gale and Chandler (Goat)- 60/60

2.Anna Polso and Sissi (Cat) – 59/60

2.Ineke Keough and Lulu (Dog)- 59/60

2.Emillie Long and Kipper (Dog)- 59/60

2.Diane Wynne and Woody (Dog)- 59/60

2.Anna Vierimaa and Spring (Guinea Pig)- 59/60

3.Mary Ballard and Jazzy (Dog) – 58/60

3.Claire Williams and Gizmo (Dog)- 58/60

3.Jacki Honeybourne and Stanley (Dog) – 58/60

3.Sheila Jones and Indi (Dog)- 58/60

3.Paige Sutton and Gus (Sheep) – 58/60

3.Anna Polso and Noksu (Chicken)- 58/60

4.Kate Morton and Bramble (Dog)- 57/60

4.Ethan Morgan and Joey (Goat)- 57/60

4.Noeline Cassettari and Coco (Cow) – 57/60

5.Emillie Long and Khaleesi (Dog) – 56/60

6.Sarah Currie and Lola (Pig)- 55/60