Extra Course Results September 2023

Junior and Young Horse Results. Great work everyone!



1.Isabelle Coutable and Juniper  60/60

2.Eira Bate and Poppy  58/60

3.Norah Doherty and Charlie   57/60

4.Sophia Hutchinson and SIRHOWY SIRVAN  56/60

5.Sophia Hutchinson and SIRHOWY DESTRIER  55/60

5.Leona Krzizike and Mocha  55/60

6.Emma Solly and Benji   54/60

7.Zoe Schweyer and Arana  52/60


Young Horse

1.Kendra Gale and Boudica  59/60

2.Cheryl Van Herk and Buddy  57/60

3.Catherine Tuke and Balvattie Seamus (Oak)  55/60

4.Clare Crain and Raindance magic  52/60


  1. Caroline Lawrence

    I’m so proud of how friend Catherine is doing with my youngster. She had never done Agility before last month, yet she has stepped in whilst I’m out of action and got two excellent results with my very green young Clydesdale. Thank you Catherine!