December Extra Course Results

The final results of the year are here.

Mystery Course


1.Caroline Lawrence and Dublin Miley  100/100 PS

1.Lisa Hickman and Jula Mystical Lady (Lilly)  100/100 PS

1.Lisa Hickman and Elvet Peace Lily (Autumn) 100/100 PS

2.Kirsten Groner Honey Bee’s Jodani  99/100

2.Rebecca Mogielski and WNW Codigo 99/100

2.Mara Ashby and Prince of Hearts  99/100 Good Horsemanship Award

3.Lucie Mitchell and Gypsy King  98/100

4.Nora Bateman Charlie 96/100

4.Nora Bateman Stanley  96/100

5.Mary Ballard Pepping Playboy  95/100

6.Nora Bateman and Coco  94/100

7.Nora Bateman Mabel Brooke  90/100


Long reining


1.Liz Keen and Ella  59/60

1.Kelly Molnar and Thunder  59/60

1.Lisa Hickman and Jula Mystical Lady (Lilly) 59/60

2.Nora Bateman and Wally 58/60

2.Kirsten Groner and Honey Bee’s Jodani  58/60

2.Jennifer Stubler and Bounty be Tasty 58/60

2.Tamara Sehling Ramis  58/60

3.Elaine Coxon and Rosado  57/60

3.Kelly Molnar and Breezy  57/60

3.Katharina Wimmer and Looks Like Freckles  57/60

4.Barbara Wilfinger-Schneider and Bella Donna Lolitta 55/60

5.Mara Ashby and Prince of Hearts 49/60


Junior Course


1.Abigail Hight and Pearl  59/60

2.Sophie Thomason and Louie  58/60

2.Emma Marcou and Pearl  58/60

3.Abigail Corrow and Sugar 57/60

4.Brady Mae Hight and Pearl  55/60


Any Other Animal Agility


1.Debbie Monk and Flower (Turkey)  59/60

2.Noeline Cassettari and Beanie (Sheep)  58/60

3.Sarah Jones and Nala Bear (Dog)  57/60

3.Georgina Davidge and Lord Arthur Sausage (Dog)  57/60

4.Sarah Jones and Beatrix Potter  (Dog)  55/60

5.Ella Cassidy and Nellie (Dog)  54/60