Donkey and Mule League 2023

Donkey and Mule League

A huge well done to all of our long-eared equines and their handlers. Wonderful work! We look forward to seeing more from you in 2024.

World Champion Donkey – Mandy Nutley and Banjo – 231

World Champion Mule – Wendy Burros and Squirrel – 140



Kathryn Jackson and Koko  M 68

Judith Azzopardi and Dinky M 56

Jenna Goldby and Magdalena M 32

Kendra Gale and Bentley  M  32

Michelle Sweeten and Lucy M 19

Katy Hughes and Buttons D 18

Sheila Linley and Dotty M 12

Sue Kelly and Rupert  M 10

Linda Epple and Utah  9

Linda Epple and Betsy   9

Sheila Linley and Spartacus M 6

Sheila Linley and Molly M 6

Kristy Winckelmans and Taco M  6


WO On-line

Mandy Nutley and Banjo D 174

Mandy Nutley and Flute D 92

Mandy Nutley and Charlie D  44

Mandy Nutley and Handsome D 9

Maura Mallory and Lily of the field D 5



Wendy Barros and Squirrel M 140

Kathryn Jackson and Koko M  39

Judith Azzopardi and Dinky M 17

Sue Kelly and Peter D 4


WO Liberty

Mandy Nutley and Banjo  D 57

Mandy Nutley and Flute  D 8