Any Animal Agility and Donkey/Mule League Results



Any Other Animal Agility


1.Anna and Spring (Guinea Pig) 58/60

2.Cathryn Burrows Loppy (Sheep) 57/60

2.Noche Miller Ghost (Cow) 57/60

3.Mary Ballard and Jazzy (Dog) 56/60


Donkey and Mule League Updated 3rd October 2022

This league is collated by a human…if you see an error please let us know!!



On Line


Ellen Cochrane Inara 619

Judith Azzopardi Dinky  95

Katy Hughes Buttons 33

Wendy Barros A Girl Named Squirrel  20

Sandra Tudor Ivor 6

Katie Davis Amos 3


Walk Only On Line


Mandy Nutley Flute 171

Mandy Nutley Banjo  147

Mandy Nutley Handsome 139

Mandy Nutley Charlie 104

Nora Bateman Coco 94

Nora Bateman Stanley 79

Nora Bateman Maude  66

Nora Bateman Mabel Brooke 59

Sue Kelly Samson 40

Nora Bateman Charlotte 39

Nora Bateman Charlie 26

Sandra Tudor Bilbo 6




Ellen Cochrane  Inara 296

Wendy Barros A Girl Named Squirrel 117

Lorraine Hayes Milly  8

Sue Kelly Sarah 3



Walk Only Liberty


Mandy Nutley Banjo  98

Mandy Nutley  Handsome 61

Nora Bateman Gertie  34

Mandy Nutley Flute 24

Mandy Nutley Charlie 12

Sue Kelly Samson 5