The Summer of Sport – ten years old!

YES!! It’s Back! The Summer of Sport is in its tenth year and as popular as ever.

Originally devised to run alongside the 2012 London Olympics it has returned every year due to popular demand.

Look out for One Hit Wonder, Wild Agility, Score and Score Again, Driven to Distraction and more!


All courses on line from 1st July and run through July and August.


As usual we will be inviting Teams to take part in the Summer of Sport.

A team is made up of three different combinations of equine and handler.

These partnerships can be one person with three equines


three people with one equine (great for families)


three different people with three different horses  so entries can come in from Teams whose members are in completely different parts of the world!


two people with two horses where one person teams up with the other person’s horse.

The combinations are endless as long as each equine/handler combination is different within the Team then it’s allowed!


Each person (with their equine) picks three courses to enter as a Team Entry, these will also be entered in the regular competition but the scores will all be added together to give a grand score that goes towards the Team total. In other words the members of the Team don’t all have to do the same courses.

You’ll need to choose a Team name so get thinking.

Championship Rosettes for our winning Team and Special Summer of Sport rosettes for all entries!


  1. Mary Ballard

    When we send in our team name, is that when we indicate what tests each team member will do for Teams, and can we also do additional tests if we want, as individuals?