Rosette Amnesty News

We are delighted to announce that through 2020 members of The Horse Agility Club raised a staggering £1472.50 by opting not to receive a rosette, only feedback and their points in the International leagues.

This is over three times what was raised in 2019!

Last year Jarjeer Mule Rescue ( and The Non Ridden Equine Association ( were awarded £220 each to further their fantastic work – we wished it could have been more – both groups used the donation carefully and wisely to continue their work.

So much so that this year we decided to top that amount up by awarding £750 to each of them.

Thank you Club members for making the world just that little bit better for our beloved equines.

PS We hope to raise even more in 2021 and are actively seeking recipients of the monies raised. Charities or not for profit groups must have a strong education system in place to help improve the lives of all equines.