April/May Extra Courses Results Are Here!

Junior Class


1.Edward Gulliford and Henburyvale Molly 59/60

1.Dylan Upsher and Chyvounder Damask Rose  59/60

1.Nathan Steele and Luka 59/60

1.James Duncan and Pearl  59/60

2.Noel Groner and Honey Bee’s Jodani 58/60

2.Dean Duncan and Ghost  58/60

3.Molly Downing and Waverhead Ted  57/60

4.Henry Jones and Hopi  56/60

4.Abigail Hight and Pearl  56/60

4.Brady Mae Hight and Pearl  56/60

4.Charlotte Wilson and Ash  56/60

4.Carys Horan and Patch 56/60

5.Edward Gulliford and Henburyvale Pixie  53/60


Long Reining


1.Ida Norris and Lilith T.L  70/70

2.Kirsten Groner and Honey Bee’s Jodani 69/70
3.Laurie LaMontagne and The Count (Peanut)   66/70


Young Horse

1.Emily McManus and Aztec Leonado  68/70

2.Tracy Beaufill and Bayview Reigns Upper Class  66/70

3.Maura Mallory and Hey Mikey He Likes It (Mikey)  64/70

4.Catheryn Burrows and Pendan Desray 56/70

5.Cathryn Burrows and Charlie  55/70


Mystery Course


1.Kirsten Groner and Honey Bee’s Jodani 80/80

1.Caroline Lawrence and Dublin Miley  80/80

2.Laurie LaMontagne and The Count (Peanut)  79/80

2.Ruth Mackay and WHW Lady (aka Bonnie) 79/80

2.Lucie Mitchell and Baron’s Brave Music  79/80

3.Maura Mallory and Unique Takin A Chance (Sugar)  78/80

4.Mandy Cheek and Hopsgarden Springbreak 77/80

5.Donna Kaplan and Greyson of Galashield (Greyson)  73/80


Any other Animal Agility


1.Bex Tasker and Baarnaby (Sheep) 59/60

2.Paige Sutton and Dora (Sheep) 58/60

2.Debbie Monk and Dave (Llama) 58/60

2.Gillian Kitson and William (Pony) 58/60 N/C

3.Noeline Cassettari and Jacket (Sheep) 57/60

4.Debbie Monk and Harriest (Llama) 56/60

5.Gillian Kitson and Qualisou (Horse)  55/60 N/C