COMPETITION – Horse Agility in Action

Horse Agility in Action
Now for something completely different for November – Two Free to enter Photo Competitions.
Get out those cameras and get snapping because this month we’re looking for great photos. Rosettes for all entries and Limited edition Horse Agility Club flag for the winner..
There are two classes.

Class A The Action Shot.
This is to be an action photo of both equine and handler in movement at an obstacle.






Class B Horse Agility in Action
This is to be a photo of the equine and handler at an obstacle that can help the horse come to terms with something they may encounter in the real world. For example a simple tarpaulin may help the horse with changes of surfaces such as a trailer ramp. A scary corner of roadworks in preparation for meeting the real thing out on the road.





How to enter.
This is a free to members competition with rosettes for all.
All you have to do is send your photo as an attachment to an email to
Please tell us which class you are entering and ensure you have included your name and your equine’s name, horse and handler may enter both classes.
Your entry will be acknowledged and you will be sent a unique receipt number.

Terms and Conditions PLEASE READ!!
1.Both the equine and the handler in the photos must be members of The Horse Agility Club, the photographer does not need to be a member.
2.All Equines can enter, horses, ponies, donkeys and mules.
3.Equines can enter only once in each class but handlers can enter more than once with a different equine.
4.The judges are looking for pictures in focus and well constructed. (think of the setting around the horse and handler for example).
5.The Horse Agility Club will NOT publish or use your photos without your written permission.
6.No special effects or adjusted photoshop photos please. Cropping is allowed.
7.Entries close at 11.59pm on 30th November 2019
8.No entry valid without a unique receipt number which will be sent by the Club when your entry has been safely received.


  1. Sheri Pederson

    oh man…. I JUST saw this! THIS would be the thing you hinted about earlier this fall!!
    I need to get onto the site more often….sigh.

    I was looking for the “all animal” agility challenge so I could share it on our MN Agility page.
    Feels like this fall I am always a day late and a dollar short! 🙁