A different view

I’m always looking for different ideas about being around horses, it’s a big reason I started The Horse Agility Club nearly ten years ago. It’s too easy to get trapped in one idea such as ‘My horse is a Dressage Horse’ or ‘I can’t ride my horse so he’s just a field ornament.’ But there are loads of ideas out there if you know where to look.

A few months ago I was asked by Lucy Robinson, of The Horse Fact Book https://www.horsefactbook.com/ , if she could include Horse Agility in her Article ‘10 Unusual Horse Sports’https://www.horsefactbook.com/fun/10-unusual-horse-sports/ .

Of course I said yes and Lucy wrote a very informative blog about lots of different equestrian sports you won’t find in the mainstream. (my personal favourite is Ride and Tie!)

Lucy writes on all sorts of subjects around horses, ‘Can I ride while I’m pregnant?’, ‘30 Household items that are Yard Essentials’ right through to ‘How to prepare your horse for a hurricane.’

Lucy writes in an easy style with lots of super hints and tips for new and seasoned horse owners, take a look I’m sure you’ll find something just a little bit different to show you a slightly different view.

Vanessa Bee Founder Horse Agility and The Horse Agility Club