Highland Park Memorial Award


The Horse Agility Club is delighted to announce the winner of the prestigious Highland Park Memorial Award.

Ev Nusic with Colby (Poco Dell Spark DR) of California

Congratulations Ev and Colby! 

Highland Park, a Morgan horse, was born on 23rd March 1994 and was the first horse ever to be registered with The Horse Agility Club in February 2010.

Highland just loved playing at liberty and that is how Brenda would like to honour her memory: 

‘I would like to remember Highland on her birthday each year for the next 10 years by making a donation to an environmental charity, chosen from a list, by an HA club member and their equine who work at liberty in a very special way.

I would like the emphasis to be on joy, enthusiasm and safety, not accuracy…so open to those pairs where the horse might do things in their own sweet individual way and, perhaps as Highland used to do, go off and do an obstacle again without being asked!’

The winner will receive the title Highland Park Liberty Memorial Award plus a certificate.

There will be no rosette, only a virtual one, which coincides with Brenda’s wishes on ecological grounds.


  1. Elizabeth Reynolds

    Yaaaaay !!!!! Congratulations Ev !!!! You and Colby have worked so hard. I’m so proud of both of you 🙂 All the “girls” in the barn, neigh… yaaay Colby ??? we love you ❤️

  2. Ev Nusic

    I am honored and Colby appreciates the extra carrots he received as a result of his award. He continued in his usual Colby way today – sticking his head into everything and trying to eat the pool noodles. He really is a giant Golden Retriever. I am so proud of him and all we have accomplished this year. Thank you to Brenda and the International Horse Agility Club.