Horse Agility Club Great Britain

Horse Agility Club Great Britain

Horse Agility is a fast exciting way to have fun with your horse without having to ride him.

It’s great for horses that are unable to be ridden for behavioural or physical reasons, young horses in preparation for ridden work, ponies that are too small or too young for the owner to ride or for people who can’t or don’t want to ride or just want to do something completely different with their horse.

So What is the Sport of Horse Agility?

Horse Agility is a discipline and internationally competitive sport in which horse and handler, both on foot, navigate a course of obstacles while focusing on clear communication and positive horsemanship.

  • Horse Agility can help build a very close relationship with your horse.
  • Horse Agility keeps your horse’s mind working constructively.
  • Horse Agility is a great way to meet like minded people who may think the same way about their horse’s potential other than as a ridden horse.
  • Because of the levels structure of the competitions there is always a new skill to learn and improve.

Why become a member of the club?

  • Compete from anywhere in world without leaving your own back yard with our monthly video competitions
  • An International league with competitors spanning 4 continents
  • Full access to the Social Hub, the world’s only social network dedicated to the sport of Horse Agility.
  • Monthly prizes to all class winners and rosettes to all who enter

Become a member

These are just some of the great reasons to join us

The Brand New Horse Agility Training DVD From Club Founder Vanessa Bee

Horse Agility: A step-by-step introduction to the sport is the brand new DVD from author of the best selling Horse Agility Handbook, Vanessa Bee. Filmed on location at Horse Agility HQ in Devon, England and on Clare Island in the West of Ireland, Vanessa will show you, through 90 minutes of demonstrations, tips and advice, how to get really good at this fast and exciting sport.

Horse Agility Accredited Trainers in Great Britain

Always ensure that the trainer you use is fully accredited by the Official Horse Agility Club and insured to teach Horse Agility. Trainers used by the Horse Agility club are fully insured to teach you and your horse with safety in mind.
Look for the Horse Agility logo and the letters HAAT when viewing the trainers website, this can then be cross checked on our Horse Agility Trainers page.

Horse Agility Training Days and Competitions in Great Britain

Official club events are run around the country by our approved Horse Agility Accredited Trainers (HAATs), training and play days provide a great introduction to the sport and competition events allow you to compete against others. Due to the unique international presence of the Club, your achievements can not only be recognised nationally in the country national league but internationally in our international league competition.