Horse Agility – A Step-by-Step Introduction to the Sport DVD

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This is a PAL DVD intended for use in PAL territories including the UK, Europeon countries and Australasia only.

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In this DVD, based on her bestselling Horse Agility Handbook (published by Trafalgar Square Books), Vanessa Bee guides the viewer through her proven step by step method to get really good at this exciting and growing sport.

Starting with the horse on a lead rope, Vanessa shows the viewer how to safely work towards letting the horse go free over obstacles, in an open space and to compete internationally.

I’m live in North America, where do I get a copy from?

Trafalgar Square Books ( distribute the NTSC version of the DVD for the USA and Canada.

DVD Chapter Listing

  1. Welcome to Horse Agility
  2. General Equipment
  3. Horse And Handler Attitude
  4. Catching and Releasing
  5. Room To Move
  6. Beginning Horse Agility
  7. Is The Horse Happy to Play?
  8. How to Support the Horse When He Is Unsure Or Afraid
  9. Working Free
  10. Stopping Your Horse Eating
  11. Introducing Obstacles
  12. Horse Agility Obstacles
  13. Competitions


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95 minutes approx.




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