Sonia Gonzalez

Sonia Gonzalez

Sonia Gonzalez

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Carretera de Soto del Real a Guadalíx de la Sierra M-608, Km 13.800

28791 Soto del Real- Madrid











Instagram: soniasierranorte



Phone: 0034655736504

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Playday, Training Day, Individual Lessons.


I can’t even remember when I started my journey with horses since all my memories are related to them. Even though I didn’t belong to a horsey family all my childhood activities were equine-focused, my draws, my Xmas presents… even my favorite film “The Electric Horseman”.

When I grew up I had the oportunity to join a equine handling and welfare course. It was the first step in my career. After that I’ve been working on gaining the skills, knowledge and experience to interact with them and to realize how generous, patient and peaceful their heart is. Because of that, I’m fully dedicated to my horses and working on providing them the best live I can, the best environment, the best feeding program. All of that with the aim to give them back all the good things they give to me.

My soul is bound to my horses, they give me joy, great inner peace  and help me to be a better human being.


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