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About me: As a little girl of 5 years old my parents just knew… This is the real deal, it isn’t just a temporary “horse-bug” with Kay.


As time went on I had a real struggle finding that way of training that felt right for me. Most of the trainers I met wanted me to act up.

‘Be the leader your horse needs, even if it means you have to punish them in the meanwhile. It never felt good to me and it turned out me switching trainers, a lot.


My sweet horse Athena didn’t really like riding in the arena, so we went on many walks in nature letting go all the pressure of performing

On one of those trail rides Athena got hurt so bad that she can’t do hard work anymore. So I decided to try out clicker training, to entertain her while recovering.

And immediately it felt like coming home. We found our way to really understand each other. And doing my research about clicker training I found out about agility,

which sounded perfect for Athena as riding wasn’t a possibility anymore.

As it turns out I enjoyed it so much!

Athena is a big fan as long as I keep it clean and simple. But then came my miniature horse Honey, she really LOVES the sport and this leaded to becoming European Champion 2019.

We specialise in giving shows and demonstrations at events, spreading the positive vibe everywhere we go.

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