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Hertha James has a BSc in Zoology and a lifelong fascination with horses and all animals. She was a zookeeper, then became a teacher of high school Science and Biology for 23 years. She was an active monthly participant of Horse Agility for over seven years. Presently Hertha spends active time with her horse each morning to encourage movement of old-ish bones. For the rest of the day she writes, including horse training books incorporating the art of equine clicker training, and creates series of training videos to accompany each book. Her horse books are all available from Amazon as e-books or paperbacks.


As well as the books, she writes (and illustrates with video clips) a monthly training plan for her Facebook group: Challenges for Equine Clicker Trainers. These can be found (at no charge) by visiting: www.herthamuddyhorse.com. Also, there is a wealth of information on her YouTube channel: search for Hertha Muddy Horse.


Hertha also has a Mentor Program to help guide people through some of the intricacies of clicker training horses. It is a one-on-one mentoring situation. It best suits people who prefer to decide what they would like to work on nest, rather than follow a prescribed set program. It means that the mentoring can begin at the point best suited to each human-horse partnership. There is no specific time frame so that correspondence can cater for the variability of weather and life happenings. Please email me at herthamuddyhorse@gmail.com for further information.

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