Cathy Koetsier

Cathy Koetsier

Cathy Koestsier

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Norfolk/Suffolk UK

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What I can offer you:

  • Learning about equine body language communication and psychology
  • Horse Agility training one on one or in a group, with my ponies or with your own horse/pony
  • Postural and balance training for human and horse
  • Equine therapy sessions (no riding)
  • Pony Interaction sessions tailored to specific needs
  • Masterson Method Equine bodywork ‘taster’ sessions
  • Pony parties and holiday club sessions

For more than 30 years I have experienced how good it is to live in the presence of horses. For this reason I love facilitating opportunities for people to interact with ponies in ways that help both parties feel safe. Relationship grows when we tune in to what horses are trying to share with us. I enjoy helping people:

  • ‘listen’ to horses by understanding body language communication and interpreting horse signals
  • become more congruent so that what the horses see correlates with the human’s self-awareness
  • avoid the shame-blame-condemnation cycle that so often gets in the way of effective interaction
  • find the internal quietness that is a particular gift horses offer us
  • stay below the bracing response of both horse and self by building trust and confidence in the partnership
  • respect the horse as a separate living entity with feelings, choices, an ability to communicate and an enormous amount to contribute

Horse Agility offers a wonderful framework within which to practise these things.

I am also a Masterson Method Equine Bodywork Practitioner and student mentor. I find that my work dovetails perfectly with my ethos of honouring the relationship. Masterson Method bodyworkers are trained to read and interpret the horse’s responses to touch to release muscular tension and discomfort, improve postural alignment, and increase flexibility and range of motion.

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