Class 1sp Starter Level Small Ponies

October 2017

Country Position Member Name Horse Name Score
US1Profile PhotoToad Hill`s Buttermilk (Anna)97
US2Profile PhotoButterscotch96
CA = Profile PhotoPat AslundFashion (Diva)96
US4Profile PhotoElsa`s Winter Wonderland (Elsa)95
CA5Profile PhotoShelley MottersheadRose Country Mistahya (Honey)94
FR = Profile PhotoAlexia PenninckxLuffy94
CA = Profile PhotoI`m To Slick For You (Slick)94
US = Profile PhotoBunny94
CA9Profile PhotoImprint Totally Rich and Famous (Rich)93
CA = Profile PhotoImprint Desert Golds Trigger (Tiggy)93
NZ11Claire PerilliSherwoods CH Idols Bianca Hawk (Bee) Sold87