class 1 and 2 and 2d Starter Level Pony, Horse and Donkey

October 2016

Country Position Member Name Horse Name Score
US1Profile PhotoHidden Timbers Heaven Sent (Wish)100
NL2Profile PhotoNyah99
US = Profile PhotoTyee Picture Play (Ginger)99
CA = Profile PhotoCharity CantySilver Reign (Nic)99
GB = Profile PhotoAngela WilsonMerlin99
CA6Profile PhotoAA`s Peek-a-choo (Peekie)98
NL7Profile PhotoSproet96
NZ8Claire PerilliFour Seasons Quakin` in ya Boots (Boots) Sold95
US = Profile PhotoCW Playmate`s Gun (Gunner)95
GB10Profile PhotoBart KellySamson90
GB11Profile PhotoMy Suir Valley (Rufus)86
GB12Profile PhotoMerlin`s Angel (Merlin)82