Equagility Yellow – May

1st May 2023 - 31st May 2023 @ 12:06 am - 11:59 pm

Equagility Yellow – May

You will not be judged on your riding style but your ability to be with your horse as he carries you around the course.

At this level there is walking, trotting and possibly cantering.

For groundwork you may use a lead rein, neck rein or liberty.

For ridden you may choose one or all of the following:

two reins attached to a halter, one rein which can change sides, rope around the neck

You can work at any level each month but each horse/handler combination can only enter Equagility once each month.

REMEMBER: at all levels a saddle, bridle and neck strap/rope is allowed for safety reasons. If the bridle rein is used you will lose marks it is there only to keep you safe.

For more information see Page 10 in the Member’s Handbook.

Closing date for entries

31st May 2023 11:59pm

The filming must be continuous without a break between the ground- work and the ridden part so put any saddle onto your horse before you start. You may wish to put the bridle on between the groundwork and the ridden work.

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