This page is dedicated to the training and competitive side of Horse Agility within the United States and is updated regularly to keep everyone informed about what is going on.

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Horse Agility Accredited Trainers in USA

Always ensure that the trainer you use is fully accredited by the Official Horse Agility Club and insured to teach Horse Agility. Trainers used by the Horse Agility club are fully insured to teach you and your horse with safety in mind. Look for the Horse Agility logo and the letters HAAT when viewing the trainers website, this can then be cross checked on our Horse Agility Trainers page.


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Gina PapaHorse Agility Training Days and Competitions in USA

Official club events are run around the country by our approved Horse Agility Accredited Trainers (HAATs), training and play days provide a great introduction to the sport and competition events allow you to compete against others. Due to the unique international presence of the Club, your achievements can not only be recognised nationally in the country national league but internationally in our international league competition.

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Online Horse Agility (OLHA!) Competitions

Now you can compete in Horse Agility from anywhere in the world, be entered in the Worldwide OHLA! League and win ribbons and prizes every month. As part of your membership package to The Horse Agility Club you have two free OLHA! entries that you can use at any time, then it’s £5 (or equivalent currency) per entry after that.


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Become a Horse Horse Agility Accredited Trainer (HAAT)

We have HAATs in Canada, South Africa, New Zealand, Australia, USA, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, England, France, Netherlands, Beligum and Switzerland building their own Horse Agility Clubs.


You can be part of it!

The International  Horse Agility Club is run by people who not only can do agility with their horses they can teach it too. Just look through our photograph album and see where we can take you. With the start of the Worldwide League in 2011 you can be part of a truly international sport.

Are you a horsemanship trainer with an enthusiastic and fun outlook on life?  Then we need you!


We are recruiting teachers to become HAATs (Horse Agility Accredited Trainers)  right now. Full support will be given to get started and to really grow that’s why over forty HAATs signed up in 2010 alone.


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