Good Horsemanship is at the very core of Horse Agility and this is included in our unique marking system of 10 points per obstacle where 5 is for completion of the obstacle as per the criteria and 5 is for the good relationship between horse and handler.


Each competitor receives a rosette for entering

About the Award

The Good horsemanship award recognises people who have demonstrated an exceptional degree of Good Horsemanship in The Horse Agility Club Competitions. Up to four rosettes will be awarded on a discretionary basis each month to handlers who particularly shine. While this award may well be given to the league winner in that particular month, there may also be instances where the horse or pony may not have won, but the handler has demonstrated exceptional horsemanship skills while competing.


In addition to the monthly awards, the Good Horsemanship in Horse Agility Awards will also be presented to the two HA League Champions at the end of the season, and will also recognise the horse and ponies themselves. These categories will be recognized as: Best Horse; Best Pony; Best Stallion; Best Mare; Best Gelding; Best Youngster; Best Native Pony; Best Exmoor Pony.