Class 1 Starter Level Pony

July 2015

* Positions highlighted in yellow have been automatically promoted to First level.

Class 1 Starter Level Pony - July

Country Position Member Name Horse Name Score
US1Profile PhotoMary AdamsOTM Hit the Jackpot (Jake)97
BE2Profile PhotoKatrien ImbrechtsTony the Pony (Toontje)95
US3Profile PhotoMary AdamsOTM Ricochet (Rusty)94
GB4Profile PhotoSandra DaintyWillowbrooks Tiger Lilli 93
US5Profile PhotoMary AdamsOTM Calling the Shots (Bunny)92
US = Profile PhotoMary AdamsAloha Acres Fashion By Magic (Princess)92
BE = Profile PhotoKatrien ImbrechtsJeanne (Jeanneke or Bulldozer)92
US8Profile PhotoJennifer DeasaroMiss Addventure (Roxie)88
NZ = Profile PhotoCol McGuinnessAshkenaz (Ash)88
GB = Profile PhotoRachael HurdGabriels Kimberly (Kimi)88