Why Horse Agility is great for you and your horse.....


Horse Agility is a discipline and internationally competitive sport in which horse and handler, both on foot, navigate a course of obstacles while focusing on clear communication and positive horsemanship - Les Kiger, USA Horse Agility Accredited Trainer


Horse Agility is great at keeping your horse fit physically and emotionally. As safety is a very large part of the training for Horse Agility it will help you and your horse to build a more confident relationship when working together.


  • Horse Agility can help build a very close relationship with your horse.
  • Horse Agility keeps your horse’s mind working constructively.
  • Horse Agility is a great way to meet like minded people who may think the same way about their horse’s potential other than as a ridden horse.
  • Because of the levels structure of the competitions there is always a new skill to learn and improve.


All horses and ponies can join in Horse Agility whether they are ridden or not in other competitions, they just need to be in good physical condition.

Everyone can join in Horse Agility - children and adults of all ages, fitness levels and ability, the people do the training the horse does most of the energetic bit!