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The Federation of International Horse Agility Clubs (FIHAC)

The Governing body of Horse Agility Clubs Worldwide.


The Federation was set up to ensure that the core values of Horse Agility are maintained across the world namely that the horse is treated in an ethically sound and humane way throughout its training and in competition.


The Federation also oversees that any competitions are run in a standard form to create a consistency throughout the sport worldwide encouraging positive international relations between Horse Agility Clubs.


The aim of Horse Agility training is that the horse has a choice as to whether it completes the obstacle or not by making the ultimate aim of any participant to turn the horse loose to complete each obstacle at liberty.


FIHAC oversees that any affiliated Horse Agility Club offers good training and well run events and that the core values of The Horse Agility Club are upheld worldwide.


International membership

International membership entitles the member to compete at affiliated events worldwide (Training, competitions and practice sessions) at preferential rates and to have any competition scores entered into their own countries National League (unless they indicate that they wish not to be). The top three competitors in any country’s League are then entered in the International League the top score wins the International Horse Agility League Championship. All League prizes are presented on 31st December of each year, the new league beginning on 1st January of each year.

International membership includes:

  • Regular newsletters which keep members up to date with newly affiliated clubs and accredited trainers (HAATs), obstacle construction and Training tips for negotiating them.
  • News of clinics, training events, demonstrations and competitions.
  • Members are issued with Club Membership cards for themselves and their competing horses and a Horse Agility lapel badge.